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Competence for VIP aircraft

The globe is your home and life's too short to waste a single second? Welcome to our VIP lifecycle services: to meet even the most unique demands for VIP aircraft, we have developed a service portfolio that is a class of its own. It shines in every facet of the lifecycle of an aircraft – from aircraft selection and our market-leading green aircraft completions to an uncompromising and meticulous maintenance and engineering support. All these services, combined with our all-encompassing competence with exclusive VIP aircraft, make us the partner of choice to take to the sky. 

From the very beginning

The journey with your individual flying asset begins with the selection of the right aircraft. We understand your needs and wishes and at the same time know aircraft and their technical features like no other. Tell us your dreams and ideas and we will make sure from the very beginning that they can be realized – with the right aircraft as a basis. 

Capturing your vision

For us, design is more than just creating a stunning cabin environment. We are able to conceptualize interiors for all international styles, always employing the finest luxury components and materials. From clean government style to rich baroque or cool Asian – our team of designers and engineers is ready to show endless possibilities. All designs are developed with constant reference to engineering possibilities and airworthiness requirements, ensuring certification and durability.  Maintainability and possible future upgrades are, of course, always in our minds. No matter how exceptional your wishes are, we are the right partner to turn them into reality. 

On the go

The big day has arrived: your individual aircraft is ready to go. With us at your side, you can look forward to this special moment with complete peace of mind. We will take care of all aspects related to the smooth entry into service of your flying dream. From the set-up of material supply, maintenance planning-, and engineering to -, AOG support and troubleshooting: the entry into service process will be customized to your needs – enjoy a worry-free start of flight operations! 

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Increasing aircraft availability

Owning and operating a VIP aircraft is the ultimate in mobility. But in spite all the flexibility and freedom a private jet promises, a number of legal requirements have to be fulfilled to ensure its safety and comply with airworthiness regulations. Our CAMO and engineering services support you in meeting these requirements, and at the same time increase the availability of your aircraft. As a Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization, we are qualified to assume on full accountability for the airworthiness of your VIP aircraft. 

Smooth operations from your first call

Our first-class support makes sure that your aircraft are ready when you need them. We are your single point of contact with a comprehensive services portfolio – from troubleshooting to material and logistics support along with VIP handling services. With our FBO services (fixed-based operator), you feel right at home at more than 60 airports in Central Europe. Available 24/7, our dedicated team literally rolls out the red carpet for you. 


Maintain your asset smartly


Paving the way to tomorrow

FBO services

In the best hands

All technical services from a single source

While you travel around the world in your exclusive aircraft and enjoy the luxury of freedom and independence, your aircraft must also be maintained from time to time to perform its mission reliably. We cover the whole range of technical services to keep your plane safe and flying. All our services are optimized for maximum aircraft availability and shortest possible turnaround times. And as we know that you are entrusting us with a very valuable item of your lifestyle, you can always be sure your aircraft will be handled with utmost care, flexibility, security and discretion. 


Maintenance at its best


Full thrust for your power plants


Committed to every aircraft part

Landing ​Gears

The art of landing

Always up-to-date

We know that your requirements and needs may change over time. Upgrades from nose-to-tail make sure your aircraft is not only optimally equipped for its mission but also always flies with the times. We are your partner for modifications of any size – ranging from basic upholstery and cleaning services to sophisticated floorplan changes as well as leading-edge connectivity features and in-flight entertainment systems. We offer you the most advanced solutions and all the services needed to implement them, from interior design and engineering to installation and certification. 

Aircraft ​Modification 

Making ideas fly 


Connected to the world 

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Have a nice flight!


Shine like a diamond

Keep your cabin's precious materials shiny

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