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Maintenance Management Services

We maximize your aircraft reliability

Our unrivalled operational experience ensures maximum aircraft reliability for your fleet. More than one hundred specially qualified engineers dedicate themselves exclusively to the question of how to optimize the available maintenance services. Working and cooperating with aircraft and component manufacturers on the level of their expertise, our experts offer engineering services for all common aircraft types.

We never stop learning. We continually monitor aircraft health, identifying – and eliminating – the source of technical delays before they actually occur. And we have taken the concept of scheduled maintenance to the next level by developing maintenance programs that are customized for individual customers and their specific operating conditions. Good is never good enough. For us, continual knowledge enhancement is key to maximizing your aircraft reliability.

The Art of Repair

Better ​perfect than done

Fundamentally, airplane parts must be of exceptional quality. This also tends to make them expensive. To avoid scrapping precious parts during an overhaul or when a part has failed in operation, our specialized engineers in the different product units follow a smart approach. They ask themselves: Which parts had to be scrapped, how often and why? The answers to these questions point directly to the most promising candidates for the development of repair procedures.

Driven by our long years of hands-on experience, this approach guides the development of new methods and repair technologies that have the benefit of being tailored precisely to customer requirements. Advanced repairs are becoming available for numerous parts and components. They not only provide a repair solution where there was none before, or optimize the manufacturer's repair process; often they substantially improve the performance and enhance the service life of the affected part.


Repair Improves Part

Enhanced reliability

Our Engine Services unit often exploits the benefits of repair versus replacement. A case in point: the Common Nozzle Assembly (CNA) of the popular V2500 turbofan, a highly-stressed part in the engine's exhaust flow. Its aft outer skin is made of aluminum. When overheated by the exhaust gases, it becomes discolored and porous and sometimes even appears buckled and out of contour.

The manufacturer's repair manual procedure only calls for the replacement of the affected material. Our engineers went one step further: To protect the nozzle and increase its durability, a smart repair was developed which eliminates the cause of overheating. The damaged area is cut out and the fairing sealing restored. The aluminum skin is then exchanged with a heat resistant replacement skin manufactured in-house.

The result: scrapping is avoided and the reliability of the nozzle vastly improved, making the typical multiple repairs a thing of the past. This demonstrates that our solutions are not just repairs but offer tangible improvements in technology and long-standing reliability.

TIOS made by Lufthansa Technik

How the New is Brought into the World

We make ideas fly

Complementing our host of propriety products across all product areas, we also develop and manufacture trendsetting cabin and in-flight entertainment products tailored to the needs of our customers. Employing our unique qualification as a design and production organization, we have taken on the role of an equipment manufacturer in a number of product fields.

Whether it is an in-flight entertainment system, a cabin management or a new connectivity solution – our teams of design and engineering experts are capable of fulfilling the needs of every commercial, government and private aircraft operator. We offer complete solutions, using our own ingenuity to fill technology gaps. A case in point: the antenna radome for the high-speed Ka-band connection was developed and is fabricated in-house. By combining our competence in high-frequency communication with expert knowledge of fiber-reinforced composites, the problem was solved.

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