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High-end connectivity is a "must-have" for airlines – and thus just as important as state-of-the-art in-flight entertainment and cabin management systems.

Always at the forefront of new trends and technologies, we are dedicated to the development, production, distribution and support of state-of-the-art technical solutions aimed at offering you and your passengers the most advanced cabin environment possible. Based on our long-standing experience in Ethernet technology, our products are perfectly suited for the integration of in-flight entertainment and connectivity solutions of any level of complexity and in any aircraft – from single VIP jets to large commercial fleets.

83 %of the passengers choose an airline offering in-flight Wi-Fi
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On-board connectivity provides opportunities that reach far beyond seamless online access in the air. With the world of aviation standing on the verge of this major evolutionary step, we have one mission: to connect your fleet. We consider a connected fleet as an integrated concept that embeds broadband capabilities into every aspect of operation – from passengers to cabin crew, through cockpit and flight operations to maintenance. With Lconnect, we offer a broad range of innovative products and services that cover every aspect of connected aviation. 


»nice HD«

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With our network integrated cabin equipment »nice HD«, effortless management of highly sophisticated cabin systems in your aircraft has become a reality. »nice HD« is the modular and highly flexible in-flight entertainment and cabin management system that offers passengers a simple way to control a multitude of cabin functions, to enjoy multimedia entertainment or to remain productive with an active internet connectivity. Since the first installations and certifications in 2003, the »nice« system has become the acknowledged industry standard for high-quality in-flight entertainment and cabin management systems on large and small business jets alike, used by kings, sultans, business leaders and corporate flight departments all over the globe. And the latest generation of »nice« – high definition-enabled »nice HD« – can rightly claim to be the best cabin management, communication and entertainment solution on the market! 


Wireless Access Point

WiFi above the clouds

Our aviation-qualified high-performance Wireless Access Point (WAP) is optimized for the extremely high-density characteristics common in aircraft cabin environments. Complying with the most stringent aviation security constraints, our WAP offers ultra-fast aircraft WiFi. It is the first device of its kind with integrated antennas while still possessing the fastest transmission standard in the aviation industry.

The unit can be easily configured by airlines for their requirements for in-flight connectivity and entertainment systems. The solution offers airlines the ability to deliver high-speed aircraft WiFi for in-flight web browsing, multimedia streaming, real-time communications, point-of-sale applications, passenger gaming and other Internet-based services. As the first aircraft access point available in the aviation market based on the Gigabit Wireless Standard (802.11ac, 1.3 Gbps) it allows faster video streaming and on-board internet connections supporting more mobile devices on two independent radios. The WAP's technology makes it especially suited for the latest aircraft generations such as the Boeing 787 and Airbus A350.


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Wireless Access Point

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