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Competence Center for Development, Certification and Manufacturings

"We already know how to build radomes from the experience with our TIOS Radome – why don't we use this knowledge to design and produce all other types of radomes?" This thought was the starting point for us to begin with the development and production of advanced radomes.

Built from fiber-reinforced composites, radomes protect sensitive antenna systems against environmental influences, bearing high aerodynamic loads and offering maximum permeability for the required radio frequencies. With our expertise in composite structures and as an original equipment manufacturer, our new competence center fulfills all necessary technical, qualification, and certification requirements for the production of these antenna housings. It is a perfect foundation for becoming the partner of choice for the realization of radomes and radome-related parts of any type for all state-of-the-art and future aircraft connectivity systems.

Radomes are the critical element in the installation of high-speed end-to-end connectivity solutions for all aircraft platforms.

Dennis Hunold

Manager Product Planning & Development, Original Equipment Innovation

New production areas

Our TIOS+ radome is already completely redesigned and built in-house. Now the capacities have been expanded to offer radome development, certification and production services to the aircraft connectivity market. We are ready to develop and manufacture radomes of any type and size for both tail-mount and fuselage-mount connectivity systems. As we're able to handle all current technologies, we won't stop there: Our radome specialists are also well-prepared for new developments in the antenna market – and thus will be able to manufacture suitable radomes for your requirements on the basis of these developments. 

We are ready to develop and manufacture radomes of any type and size for both tail-mount and fuselage-mount connectivity systems.

Henrik Schmutzler

 Program Manager composite manufacturing

TIOS Radome Solutions

TIOS and TIOS+ are our smart antenna housings for Boeing Business Jet operators. 

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Compentence Center for Radomes


  • Development, manufacturing and certification of radomes and radome-related parts of any type
  • Highly qualified and specialized experts for composite materials
  • More than 20 years of radome experience
  • Cooperation with leading antenna manufacturers
  • Worldwide presence
  • State-of-the-art production facilities and equipment


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Henrik Schmutzler

Program Manager Composite Manufacturing, Airframe Related Components

Lufthansa Technik AG | Hamburg, Germany


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Oliver Thomaschewski

Director A/C Components - OEM & Customized Solutions and Product Division Original Equipment Innovation & Special Aircraft Services

Lufthansa Technik AG | Hamburg, Germany

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