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The benchmark in composites: ARC

We have the capabilities and know-how to maintain all composite and bonded materials used in modern aircraft. Our service portfolio comprises the testing, repair, maintenance, overhaul and modification for nacelles, radomes and flight controls. In addition, you can rely on comprehensive spare parts supply, asset management, pooling concepts, contract management, manufactured parts (21 G) and engineering.

Licensed by the original equipment manufacturers for all repair levels and developing our own approved innovative repair procedures, we carry out repairs in cases where others would be forced to scrap the component. Based on a knowledge that we have acquired over decades, we also invest in the future to support modern fleets of any size and mix. Our composites specialists are all driven by the same goal: to provide you with high-quality services for nacelles and other composite parts at low cost.

With over 20 years of composite experience and a continuously expanding product portfolio covering MRO services and asset availability solutions, we are the most reliable and flexible partner to suit your airline's needs. Get in touch with us to explore our innovative solutions

Berit Plewinsky

Senior Director Product Sales & Fulfillment Single Events and Closed Loop EMEA

Service capability

Advanced composites and bonded materials are used in many structures of today's modern aircraft. We offer comprehensive repair and overhaul services for the most delicate technologies.

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Composite Structures: Asset Management

A pool of spares

Whenever you need a spare nacelle part, radome or flight control surface – we are almost certain to have it on stock and offer it for loan, exchange and sale according to your needs. Customer satisfaction in all aspects of your operations is our biggest business driver. That's why we operate one of the largest pools for composites of the world.
Our solution AVIATAR MRO-Management is your single source solution for all part and tool demands. The application provides transparent availability of all materials – currently including LRUs (Line Replaceable Units),  ARCs (Aircraft Related Components), C&E (Consumables & Expendables) and tools. You can search for part numbers or descriptions, find alternative materials and filter for certificates, condition or location. Quotations can be requested directly through the application. 

1,100… major assets are available in our pool - one of the largest in the world!

Each time we can help an operator with the fast provision of an urgently needed spare part – whether for scheduled maintenance event or in the case of an AOG – I feel exactly at the right place with my job.

Dirk Neubert

Teamleader Asset Management


Mastering new technologies

Repairing aircraft parts made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) both cost-effectively and in a durable manner is no easy matter. It calls for specialists who have the right prerequisites – the experience and the ability to master cutting-edge technologies as they emerge. Our engineers work together with both original equipment manufacturers and airworthiness authorities to develop new repair methods and to seek out new technologies for your benefit. Our in-house developed innovative repair procedures, such as a mobile repair robot, not only set new standards in the industry, but directly result in increased efficiency and cost reductions. 

Five meters in diameter and six meters long: the autoclave at our workshop in Hamburg is the largest of its kind worldwide. It can process composites at  up to 16 bar pressure and 250° Celsius – and accommodates even the largest aircraft parts made of CFRP.

Composite ​structures

AOG Support

Our Airline Support Team dedicated to composite repairs (AST® Nacelles & Composites) is the perfect solution for fast on-site help.

Operators who experience an AOG situation due to nacelle or other composite structure damage can simply call the AST® hotline (+49 69 696 141880 or +49 69 696 141881) and receive a repair on-site to the proven standard of quality for which Lufthansa Technik is renowned.

ARC® Specialist in the Middle East

Among different aircraft specialization, we hold a strong foot in Aircraft Related Components® maintenance and repair. Our extensive in-house resources ensure reliability, short turnaround times and highest material availability. Our mechanics possess a high level of expertise and are certified, ensuring they are capable of effectively handling all component parts. You can trust that each unit will be serviced with reliability and quality as our main focus.

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