TIOS Radome Solutions

The smart STC connectivity solution for BBJ

Mounted on the tail

Connectivity is increasingly becoming a standard feature of aircraft, and is especially important for staying up to date during flights in business jets. We have a smart solution ready for Boeing Business Jet operators: TIOS, our inhouse-developed radome and structural integration unit for mounting on the vertical stabilizer of the aircraft. Its tailored aerodynamic design not only saves weight and space, but also causes less drag and noise compared to fuselage-mounted installations. The TIOS radome solutions are available for BBJ 1 and BBJ2 aircraft, and soon also for BBJ MAX. 

Compatible for Ka-band

From Two to Three

Going one step further from our well-established and proven Two-In-One-Solution (TIOS) for Ku-band and L-band antennas, we recently developed the Three-In-One-Solution (TIOS+), which can also accommodate Ka-band frequency antennas.  At present, the Honeywell MCS-8000 system has been integrated. These antennas can either be installed as a standalone or in combination with other Ku/L-band antennas. As an additional option – taking advantage of the prominent location of the radome right at the highest point of the aircraft – a forward-looking HD camera can be  integrated. 


One-Stop Solution for Installation

Upgrade made easy

If you already have a conventional TIOS installation for Ku-/L-band and wish to upgrade your aircraft to Ka-band technology (TIOS+), we offer you an upgrade kit which can be installed at the completion center of your choice. It consists of all the parts needed, and keeps the costs significantly lower compared to a new TIOS+ or a fuselage mounted installation. The TIOS+ Ka-band installations are covered by STCs (Supplemental Type Certificate) held by us. 


Datasheet TIOS+

The Three-in-One-Solution

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TIOS Radome Solutions


  • Depending on the scope of the installation, up to 100kg weight can be saved
  • Reduces operational costs due to less weight and drag
  • Tail-mounted installation has positive effect on center of gravity
  • Two antennas under one radome

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Jerry Prizevoits

Sales Executive TIOS

Lufthansa Technik AG | Hamburg, Germany

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