Lufthansa Technik: The company

More mobility for the world
The world's leading provider of MRO services

In an era of worldwide cooperation the aircraft is an indispensable means of travel. It can fly to virtually anywhere on earth within a day. In addition to its unique capabilities, it provides a degree of safety and reliability unmatched by other means of travel. The reasons for that are modern aerospace technology and meticulous servicing of aircraft on the ground. Lufthansa Technik is one of the world's leading providers of aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services. 

Safety, reliability and economy

A modern airliner is a highly complex machine consisting of hundreds of systems and subsystems. To ensure the safety of passengers and to keep the airline's flight operations reliable and cost -effective, all these many components have to work together flawlessly. The technical servicing of aircraft, including engines and all components, is what Lufthansa Technik does to perfection. It offers airlines and other operators of commercial airliners whatever they need to keep their fleets in the best possible condition and their operating costs at a low level — everything from minor maintenance to complete overhauls, from repair of defective components to comprehensive spare-parts logistics. 

Expertise advantage through worldwide customer base

Long gone are the days when Lufthansa Technik's expertise advantage stemmed solely from its support of Lufthansa´s flight operation. The company now serves customers all over the world: airlines large and small, charter carriers, operators of VIP aircraft, airlines whose aircraft have to fly under extreme climatic conditions, or whose aircraft are subject to the strain of short-haul traffic with frequent takeoffs and landings. More and more airlines are outsourcing some or all of their fleet maintenance and overhaul to external specialists with strong technical know-how. They seek a partner with a wide range of skills that can assist them in every aspect of service and provide them with true added value – with everything they need coming from a single source, including engineering and logistics.