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The fascination for flying is what connects us all. In front of the engine or behind the laptop, in logistics or on the smallest individual part. We make aviation safe, rethink it – and still keep our feet on the ground. Because only when every move is perfect and we discover innovative possibilities even in  the smallest detail, we are proud. We believe in the potential of the individual. And in the fact that this potential grows best in the community. Our diversity makes us strong and  allows us to stand out together.

Senior Experts

Excitement, that lasts

In aviation, decades of experience are invaluable for continuous growth and development. With our Senior Expert programs, you can make a significant impact by contributing your expertise. Whether you are a former employee or a retiree of Lufthansa Technik, we offer entry, re-entry, or continued employment opportunities with us for up to two years. Want to be part of this program?  

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Find out everything you need to know about Lufthansa Technik as an employer, explore the entry level opportunities and career options we offer and browse the latest vacancies on our careers portal.

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