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Our brand-new product PuriFLY makes the flying experience for your passengers and your staff much more comfortable. With PuriFLY, we have developed a solution for uncompromising and safe drinking water on board. Find out more about our waterfilter solution below. 

99.99999percent germ-free drinking water on board

 Safe  water on board

The quality of potable water on board an aircraft is regulated by national requirements. To guarantee uncompromising and safe drinking water on board, we jointly developed a smart solution which is now ready for series production. A new dual-stage filter consisting of a hollow fiber membrane with extremely small pore sizes prevents germs and bacteria from passing through. This super-efficient membrane is capable of holding back everything bigger than 0.2 microns. 

Save costs through easy implementation

Our solution can be easily integrated into almost every modern aircraft type without further modifications. The conversion is extremely easy: Just replace the old filter cartridge with the new one. The filter is approved for any aircraft type using cartridge-housing filters. An upgrade therefore requires only replacing the filter cartridge and updating the documentation. The cabin crew particularly values the system's low drop in pressure, which makes it easy to use. Other benefits include the longer lifetime and the new filter's lower weight.

By transplanting medical technology into the aircraft, we have created an effective, cost-efficient solution for you that is now available to all aircraft operators.

Separate passengers effectively

In the style of spit protections used in shops and supermarkets, we digned seat dividers which are installed on the middle seat. Thus, passengers in one row are separated in a very effective way, even though they are sitting next to each other. The divider is simply inserted in the magazine compartment of the seat and then clicked on the table mounting. No further modification of the seat is required. One shipset of  dividers can be installed within few hours during a night shift. Made of polycarbonate they are very light adding minimum extra weight. Airflow tests already proofed that the shields prevent aerosols to spread. Besides, the dividers have no impact on the beneficial ventilation of the air condition. We designed the protection in co-operation with Krueger Aviation GmbH. The process of acquiring an STC (Supplemental Type Certificate) already started, it will be available in two to three months.  

Germ-free surfaces in your cabin

To avoid smear infections surfaces must be disinfected regularly. This is why we looked for an efficient method for aircraft cabin use. With TiTANO©, a sanitizer applied with an electric spray method, we found the perfect solution. It reduces the survival rate of bacteria and viruses to below 90% within 5 minutes. Within 24 hours the surface is germ-free and this protection lasts for one year. A very efficient procedure for germ-free armrests, surfaces, trays, and knobs. For the Engineering Bulletin we are currently testing different materials in our own laboratories for corrosion, dis-coloration and wear. In addition, we test for health issues to make sure that the chemical doesn't provoke allergies or has other side effects for staff and passengers.  

UV-C light disinfects your lavatory within 44 seconds

UV-C light disinfects lavatories within seconds

UV-C light is a popular sanitation method in hospitals. We have transfered this procedure to aviation by developing mobile lamps. They can be easily installed in any lavatory irrespective of the manufacturer. There is also a wireless option available. Thus, a lavatory can be disinfected within 44 seconds. That makes it feasible for cabin crew to regularly sanitize critical parts even during flight. 


A warm welcome to your staff

Does your cabin crew complain about frostiness? Are they sometimes unhappy with the temperatures in parts of their working environment? HeatNOW offers a smart solution to cozy up their workplace. It is a heating system based on unique heater layers that prevents the formation of cold spots on the airplane. The pad consists of a heater layer and two additional layers for protection. Connected to 115V AC, the electro conductive coating acts as a resistor and warms up due to the electric current. The temperature can be regulated on different levels, providing an even and homogeneous heated area. The HeatNOW technology is characterized by great robustness and easy application. The pad can be installed onto almost any desired floor panels, galley or seating areas – wherever you wish to heat up your airplane. 


Repair rather than replace

As a rule, minor optical imperfections do not affect the function of high-quality cabin components. They do, however, diminish the overall impression passengers have of their flight experience. With SkySHINE, Lufthansa Technik offers a solution to repair such blemishes – quickly and cost-effectively. Our approach is SMART: Small and Medium Repair Technology. This means that we repair the damage selectively in equipment while it is installed. This eliminates the need for the costly dismantling of expensive components. 

In addition, repair work can be carried out during normal ground time – a real time-saver for airlines. Saves more than just time SkySHINE is supplier independent. No matter which manufacturer or product range your components come from. You can choose from a huge palette of 16 million colors. Another advantage: the process is not only smart, but also environmentally friendly. Our water-based paints significantly extend the life of your interior. 



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