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At GuideU, we believe the future of truly sustainable cabin interior is circular

Traditional product lifecycles often follow a wasteful "take-make-waste" model. GuideU breaks the mold by embracing a circular economy approach, going beyond common eco-design practices. This means we prioritize keeping valuable materials in use for longer and minimizing waste at every stage.

This translates to several benefits for our customers:

  • Reduced Environmental Impact: By prioritizing resource reuse and minimizing discards, GuideU helps conserve natural resources and lowers its overall environmental footprint.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: The circular design of GuideU optimizes resource utilization throughout its lifecycle, contributing to long- term effi ciency gains.
  • Future-Proofed Operations: A circular approach helps prepare your operations for a future where responsible resource management is essential.

This project runs in a collaboration with Airbus.

 Get to know GuideU's Circular Journey

GuideU - Collection Container under aircraft

Collection Container

Demonstrating full lifecycle accountability for GuideU components, transcending the conventional cradle-to-gate approach. Collection points will be established at our locations worldwide and Airbus production sites for retrieving used components. Explorations into innovative methods for component reuse, recycling, and upcycling will be pursued to minimize waste and maximize resource utilization. The overarching objective is to institute a robust end-of-life strategy by prioritizing circularity and environmental stewardship.

GuideU - Circular packaging grafic

Circular Packaging

Implementing a closed-loop system with returnable packaging between our facilities and Airbus production sites, such as Hamburg and Toulouse.

GuideU - Keychain with Campaign Logo

Production Efficiency and Waste Reduction

GuideU is manufactured focusing on optimizing resources. Our production process includes minimizing scrap and using recyclable materials, ensuring that every step of GuideU's creation contributes to a bright future. For instance, we upcycle used GuideU components into items like keychains, further extending their lifecycle and reducing waste. Additionally, the packaging used for delivering parts is reused for the final product, minimizing waste and enhancing sustainability.

The Future Needs to Be Circular. GuideU Embraces this Journey. Join the Movement.

Safety in line with design

Designed for very easy installation, GuideU is the next generation of non-electrical floor path marking systems. GuideU consists of photoluminescent lighting strips on the cabin floor to guide passengers to the exits in the event of an emergency involving a cabin lighting failure. This patented technology “Made in Germany” is 100% customizable in color and shape making it the trusted choice for all commercial aircraft. 

GuideU - Safety in line with Design

GuideU quickly recharges during normal cabin lighting and is even faster to install. No special tools are needed during the fitting of the strips that can simply be cut to length at the installation site. 

The GuideU story

GuideU Story

Our Portfolio

Basic Fit - GuideU by Lufthansa Technik

Basic Fit

GuideU BasicFit is your new and highly cost-efficient way to meet all aviation requirements without compromising on quality.GuideU BasicFit is only available in one standard color, but also without scratch protection it offers the same quality standard and 100% relaibility like ColorFit and CustomFit. All benefits from the GuideU 1000 Series are included: No life limitation, no maintenance and no power required. BasicFit can also be combined with our Filler, Carpet Protector and Adapter. Cutable with our GuideU Scissor it offers an easy installation.

ColorFit - GuideU by Lufthansa Technik

Color Fit

ColorFit is available in many different colors that can be optimally integrated into any cabin design. Color variation and standard curves allow designers to perfectly integrate GuideU 1000 Series into any interior.The scratch protection makes the system more resistant against mechanical stress. GuideU has become the standard for all commercial aircraft. GuideU 1000 Series is factory-fitted by Airbus, Boeing and Bombardier. Retrofit installations are covered by our Lufthansa Techik supplemental type certificates (STC) available for most commercial aircraft. 

CustomFit - GuideU by Lufthansa Technik


CustomFit offers the highest level of customization of any photoluminescent escape path marking system on the market. Providing curves and lines of any shape, the customized curves follow the individual contours of your cabin design. Leading the way in style. The latest patented innovation integrates the structural design of the chosen carpet into the surface of the photoluminescent strip, making it virtually disappear under standard lighting conditions. CustomFit allows designers to perfectly integrate the GudeU 1000 Series into any interior and thus takes cabin design to the next level.

The add-ons

Add-ons for GuideU


GuideU is available with different fillers, which allow adapting the light strip assembly height to different carpets.

Carpet Protector

An optional carpet protector can be used in order to protect the carpet edges against damage.


With the adapter a one-to-one exchange of a wider floor path marking system is possible without a change of the carpet layout.

GuideU - Customized Curves


Approved by EASA and FAA

Our GuideU system is already approved for most aircraft types by the aviation authorities EASA and FAA. And is validated by most local authorities. GuideU can be installed line-fit on all common aircraft platforms. 



  • No maintenance intervals
  • No life limitation 
  • Non electrical 
  • Easiest installation on the market 
  • Cuttable on board 
  • Patent capsulated system makes sealant or end caps obsolete 
  • One-piece system that reduces logistic expanses 
  • Lightweight Scratch protection 
  •  Fully customizable

Special places - GuideU

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Discover our special places

Join us on a tour through our brand new production facility for our unique GuideU light strips. Meet Christina Chen and learn more about Lufthansa Technik’s innovative in-house production competence and how it benefits you. 


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