High-density configura­tions

More capacity for your A320

Maximized seating configurations

Every seat counts – we offer you dedicated solutions that help you to maximize your earnings and fleet flexibility by enlarging the seat capacities of your A320 fleet, while at the same time ensuring that passenger comfort and safety needs are fully met. You can configure the products to your individual requirements. The cabin conversions can be performed as part of a maintenance layover, or we provide you with material kits comprising all necessary components to achieve the goal of increased capacity and profitability. 

186 seatscan be comfortably installed in an A320 using our high-density products

High-Density Solution

Modular cabin modification options

Our High-Density Solution for the A320 cabin includes a wide range of features and modification options. One of the core elements is the installation of double lavatories alongside the aft galley to gain extra cabin space. Our new, compact and flexible aft bulkhead provides a maximum of stowage options in the aft galley. A camera (Digital Direct View Alternate System), integrated in the newly configured galley, permits the elimination of the maintenance-intensive forward-facing cabin attendant seat that is usually placed in the aisle. Increased seating capacity also requires enhanced evacuation procedures. To ensure safe and rapid exit from the aircraft, new single-lane slides from our partner EAM Worldwide are installed. 

High-Density Solution


  • Low weight (up to 150 kg)
  • Short lead time and downtime
  • Rapid return on investment
  • Less maintenance
  • Turnkey solution
  • Engineering Bulletins (EBs) and material kit

Center Ceiling Stowage+ (CCS+)

More stowage space above

More passengers also mean more luggage volume inside the cabin – which often lead to costly boarding delays due to limited space. Center Ceiling Stowage+ is a smart solution developed by us and aircraft component manufacturer FACC to gain more stowage space and enhance passenger comfort at the same time. It can be installed at the forward, center and/or aft positions of the aircraft cabin. The CCS+ module can be used to store less frequently used equipment such as life rafts, baby bassinets, emergency equipment or crew luggage and thus frees valuable space for passenger luggage in the overhead bins. 

bigger door

Bigger Door

Win-win solution for airlines and passengers

Another simple solution for the increased hand luggage of passengers in Airbus Classic aircraft are new doors for the overhead bins. The retrofit design of Bigger Door increases the overhead luggage capacity by up to 67 percent. Overhead bins equipped with the new doors accommodate five instead of three roller bags per four-frame luggage bin. Your passengers will enjoy improved comfort and ease of boarding, while you as the operator benefit from hassle-free boarding and less work on the part of the cabin crew. 


High-Density Solution for Airbus A320 family

A modular A320 family modification platform

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Center Ceiling Stowage+

A flexible solution

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Bigger Door

For more overhead luggage

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HiPer Slide

High Performance Single Lane Slide for Airbus A320 Family

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