Repair rather than replace

Now also in the cabin

A scratch in the paintwork, scuffed leather on the seats, or scratches  on high-quality components: minor and larger  imperfections accumulate in any aircraft cabin. Conventional repair typically means the time-consuming replacement of components – and this is typically performed during a layover. 

Two of our colleagues had a simple but ingenious idea: Why not use a special pistol to add a coating to the damaged areas of cabin elements, making them look brand new without any costly replacements. This innovative process  means offering a mobile repair service that can be done as part of the daily  maintenance operations – even during short layovers.

Specialized mechanics walk through the cabin and look for minor  damages. Particularly armrests are affected by wear, following the daily use. When the mechanics find flaws , they clean the affected area, paint it with a special pistol and then dry it. Afterwards, a coat of clear lacquer is added which is dried by a hot-air blower

Finally, the area looks brand new within minutes. This new process is now fully certified and has been given the product name SkySHINE. Lufthansa Technik is the first provider to offer this type of mobile cabin repair service during layovers.

The new innovative, mobile repair process is manufacturer-independent and suited for the leather and plastic surfaces of many cabin components. A virtually unlimited array of colors is available to suit all possible cabin configurations by any airline.  All cleaning agents and paints are water based and odorless. They leave no residues behind.

16,000,000colors to choose from



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