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Our services in a nutshell

Small things are big for us

To get a good impression of our excellent quality and broad service portfolio you only need to look at how we treat the smallest repairable parts of an aircraft.

We are convinced that shop replaceable units (SRUs) are the starting point for the kind of service quality we strive for: increased reliability and a considerable cost reduction  for our customers. Airlines,  MRO providers and original equipment manufacturers –  they all can benefit  from our engineering and repair capabilities for SRUs as well as from a variety of value-adding services ranging from the setup of local spare parts pools to the sale of test equipment.

5,000Unique repair methods for SRUs are in our portfolio

SRU Services

We call it PARTS

If you are fond of something you are likely to give it a name. As did we with our service portfolio for shop replaceable units: we call it PARTS (Production, Alternates, Repair, Technologies, Solutions) – and every element behind the letters of this name is a service commitment to our customers.

The basis for PARTS is our efficiency-driven attitude – cutting costs by increasing the proportion of repairs in relation to the expensive replacement of material with new parts. But cost reduction is just one aspect: the ongoing optimization of turnaround times combined with the best possible product quality pays off in the form of improved reliability and extended service lives. The elements of PARTS in more detail:

Repair is the solution

We only scrap inefficiencies. By mastering all the required repair technologies, we are able to repair many parts that other MROs and OEMs can often only scrap and replace. High quality standard repairs (according to the CMMs) are complemented by numerous proprietary repair methods that have been developed in-house and granted with authority approvals.

Building better parts

As a production partner (EASA Part-21 G), we manufacture individual parts or small batches to industrial and/or aerospace standards from scratch (build-to-print). From raw material to the certified part – our exclusive in-house spectrum of manufacturing technologies means guaranteed quality from a single source.

Ingenuity for genuine savings

Our engineers not only develop cutting-edge proprietary repair methods, they also develop test equipment and tooling. With their expertise and experience they are the perfect consultants for MRO shops wanting to boost the local shop potential.

Reliability in stock for you

To meet the highest demands in component availability, customers are advised to establish a local parts pool directly on site. On request, our experts will take care of all the aspects related to parts supply  –  from initial provisioning studies and home base allocation to repair, overhaul, documentation and engineering services.

Test stands built to trust

We have developed and manufactured a large number of advanced test stands which are available for purchase. Furthermore, our engineering team also develops and builds customized test stands and test benches according to specific customer requirements.

Quality in surplus parts

We purchase and sell both serviceable and unserviceable SRUs from all major vendors. Red-tagged parts – i.e. parts that are not airworthy but repairable – are fed into our in-house repair cycle. The result is another source of high-quality parts for the market at a very competitive price.

SRU Service: Use Case

New life for IDG housing repair

Flange-mounted on an engine, the integrated drive generator (IDG) delivers the on-board electric power for the aircraft. The finding uncovered unexpectedly heavy wear in the housing of the stator/rotor assembly of one IDG as a result of the bearing seats becoming more deeply embedded in the housing liner than expected. The damage to the housing would usually lead to the scrapping of this very costly component. Not in our SRU shop: our experts decided to develop their own repair procedure.

The repair solution revolves around the installation of an improved liner, which not only permits continued use of the housing, but also improves the service life and thus doubles the cost savings for the operator. This complex repair is made possible by being an EASA Part 145 organization as well as our Part 21J approval.

SRU Services

Your benefits as OEM

  • Airline background
  • Partner up with the leading MRO provider
  • Engineering and production expertise
  • Flexibility and reliability
  • Just-in-time deliveries

SRU Services

Your benefits as MRO

  • Support from a strong partner
  • Fast availability
  • Cost-efficient replacement
  • Certified test equipment
  • Design organization (21J)

SRU Services

Your benefits as airline

  • Short downtimes
  • Cost-efficient SRU services
  • Higher component value
  • Increased durability
  • Flexibility

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