Improving the pilot workplace

State-of-the-art cockpit upgrades

We advance the capabilities of commercial aircraft cockpits to any level desired, supply mandatory changes including system upgrades or integrate new systems in your planes. From the installation of flat panel display systems to TCAS (Traffic Collision Avoidance System) upgrades and even the development of proprietary systems – we help to customize new planes, retrofit legacy aircraft and develop solutions to match your specific requirements.

Electronic Flight Bag - the paperless cockpit
Electronic Flight Bag

The paperless cockpit

Thanks to the introduction of the Electronic Flight Bag (EFB), pilot cases packed with manuals have become obsolete. Pilots are able to use their tablets for planning and carrying out their flights with using relevant aircraft data. The added benefit: the electronic data is easily kept up to date. We offer an entire series of options for upgrading aircraft with Electronic Flight Bags, with different configurations and devices available from laptops to tablets. Using the newly available Ka-band communication channel, engineers have connected the EFB electronically with ground stations, opening up revolutionary new opportunities to support flight deck crews in optimizing the operational performance.

ADS-B implementation example
ADS-B Implementation

Coverage beyond radar range

With ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast), aircraft broadcast their position and velocity via satellite navigation systems. This allows air traffic control to track the aircraft beyond radar coverage. We offer a complete package enabling ADS-B Out DO-260B capability, including kits, material, approvals, and additional services such as installation or component services, e.g. pooling and repair. Our high-volume contracts with OEMs ensure competitive prices, making an ADS-B implementation by us a cost-efficient, comprehensive solution for any fleet configuration.

ADS-B Out DO-260B will become mandatory in US and European airspace by 2020 – contact us now to plan the upgrade of your fleet!


aircraft worldwide need to be ADS-B-compliant by 2020. With us, you will be ready in time.