eEnabled Software Management

Managing flying software on the ground

Digital technology requires updates

Say "Hello" to easy management and distribution of aircraft software, configuration control and tracking as well as closed-loop tracking of the software loading process!

Today's commercial aviation is heavily automated, with aircraft becoming increasingly smarter. But while enhancing safety, efficiency and passenger comfort and reducing the flight crew's workload, digital technology requires constant updating of the onboard software. To keep track of the current software configuration and to keep time and costs low, we developed the eEnabled Software Management (eESM) suite – a manufacturer-independent platform dedicated to managing field-loadable software.

One-fits-all Solution

The platform enables customers to handle the software management for their entire current and future fleet. eESM can be used as a standalone solution for operators of new eEnabled aircraft such as the A350. But besides operators of mixed-asset fleets, some of whom still use floppy disks, can also manage their software by integrating a portable data loader (PDL), our certified adapter plate and the eESM suite. Thanks to the combination of these three devices, the use of conventional delivery formats (e.g. floppy disks, DVDs or USB sticks) can be eliminated. The system is flexible to incorporate future developments.

Access from anywhere

The web-based application provides a detailed overview and display of an aircraft's current software configuration; software updates can be planned anytime and anywhere. eESM thus reduces manpower and resources while guaranteeing optimum access to the aircraft software – worldwide and anytime. Although eESM is not a document management system, it enables users to upload software-related files so that all necessary documents are at hand when needed. The tool also offers the option of systematically storing log files to ensure their ready availability at all times.

eEnabled Software Management


  • Web-based access to the aircraft software
  • Reduces the costs for logistics and manpower
  • Reduces aircraft ground times due to faster loading times
  • Aircraft type- independent solution
  • Process-oriented user guidance


eEnabled Software Management

The solution for today and tomorrow

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