Auxiliary Power Units (APU)

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Auxiliary power units (APUs) are very important technical assets. Some consider them as big components, others as small engines. They provide the necessary independent power supply for your aircraft during ground time.

Our APU services include:

The competence and capabilities of our APU maintenance facilities are based not least on our globally recognized accomplishments in the repair and overhaul of main aircraft engines. You can also count on our comprehensive engineering support, for example with warranty and liability claims.

  • Testing
  • Repair & refurbishment
  • Line replaceable units (LRU) services
  • LLP exchanges
  • APU lease and pooling
  • Warranty administration
  • AOG support
  • Engineering and logistics
80 %of all damaged APS3200 impellers can be repaired by using a proprietary method developed by us

Support for new APU types

Partners in technology

With a global network of repair facilities, we support a steadily increasing number of APU types from leading manufacturers Honeywell and Pratt & Whitney Canada. One of the latest additions to our portfolio is the Honeywell HGT1700, the APU of the Airbus A350. Chosen as the maintenance partner by manufacturer Honeywell, we are the official warranty station and have been granted approval to perform repairs and overhauls on this APU type. 

Service Bulletin

Managing the APS3200 life limit

The main rotating parts of the APS3200 APU, one of the auxiliary power units for the Airbus A320 aircraft family, are managed under a life management plan. APU manufacturer Pratt & Whitney Canada has implemented fixed life limits in the Engine Manual: a limit of 50,000 cycles for the load compressor impeller and the power section impeller and 32,000 cycles for the first-stage and second-stage turbine disk. Parts exceeding these limits must be replaced – a task we have broad experience with.
The corresponding Services Bulletin (P&WC S.B. No. 320150) requests all operators to replace the affected parts within a specific time frame. Parts with 15,000 APU cycles or more above the fixed life limits constitute the most urgent cases. They must be replaced within the next 500 APU cycles or three months, whichever comes first. We are prepared to provide the necessary technical support regarding all questions concerning the APS3200. 

Auxiliary Power Units (APU)


  • Up to 100 percent salvage rate
  • Durable repair methods
  • High-detail DER repair capability
  • APU pool access

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Senior Director APU Services

Lufthansa Technik AG | Hamburg, Germany

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