Engine Componenents Overhaul

Sharp eyes for precious parts

Serviceable, repairable or scrap?

Alina Fomina has probably the keenest eyesight of all our experts. She always has to keep a very sharp eye on what she's doing: not only when she is inspecting engine parts but also when communicating with her colleagues by reading their lips.

"I've always been interested in aviation, and dreamed of becoming a flight attendant. But with my hearing impairment this dream is difficult to realize. This is why I applied at Lufthansa Technik – now I keep aircraft flying", she says with a content smile. She is proud that her work of examining engine components contributes to keeping aircraft airworthy and technically flawless.

Check for damages and cracks

"Except for the rotating parts, I inspect pretty much everything – from large housings right down to the smallest transfer tube", explains Alina. She specializes in inspecting parts of PW150 engines and the PW100 series – not even the smallest damage and cracks escape her watchful eyes. Her most important tool: the magnifying glass. 

I want to follow the development of Lufthansa Technik Group for many more years, learn new things and also help shape our work.


tool mechanic, Lufthansa Technik AERO Alzey  

Paper and pen to the rescue

The inspection of engine assemblies is a particular challenge. "I love it if, for example, only the hot section of an engine is removed and I have to inspect the rest in an assembled state – that is quite demanding," says Alina with sparkling eyes, who masters even major challenges with a smile on the lips. Due to her hearing impairments, meetings and conversations with colleagues are sometimes also challenging. "Then I have to concentrate very hard to read lips. It's very strenuous after a while, and sometimes nerve-wracking," she says and adds - "but if the communication still doesn't work, I grab a pen and a piece of paper." Sometimes that's all it takes to ease the situation. 


Alina Fomina

Alina was trained as a tool mechanic in a special program for people with hearing impairments. After her examination she worked in engine maintenance in Hamburg, inspecting and diagnosing engine parts. Two years ago, she moved to take a new position at Lufthansa Technik AERO Alzey near Frankfurt, Germany. A new challenge combined with being closer to her family made this a good choice for Alina. 

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