Component Loan, Exchange & Sale

Component availability: fast, flexible, worldwide

Single ​Component Availability

From routine requests to AOG support – we provide you rapidly with aircraft material worldwide and 24/7, as a loan, an exchange or a sale.

Whether you need single parts or bundles, just give us a call. You don't need to be a contract customer to benefit from this service. Based on our renowned high quality and reliability, the components are offered with a 12 months or 2,000 flight hours warranty. Our service grants access to one of the largest component pools in the world.

5,000aircraft and more than 160 international carriers are supported by us

Which aircraft part do you need?

We supply materials from our warehouses around the globe. Our stocks are strategically located in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Singapore, China and Japan. They contain units for all major aircraft types from Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier and Embraer and of course also including new aircraft types such as the Airbus A350 and Boeing 787. 

Loan & Exchange

The loan or exchange of a single component provides you with full traceability and an exclusive aircraft record for optimum transparency. Our AOG desk handles around 5,400 requests per day and will be happy to help you out as fast as possible. You will receive a unit from our own pool, today containing a stock of material worth US$ 2.3 billion. And you always have the option of converting a loan into an exchange. 


We have acquired a unique handling expertise for the surplus market. If you want to obtain the material long-term, e.g. for the initial provisioning or a stock increase of your home base, the sale of single parts and also large bundles will be managed to your demands. 

300,000parts are delivered by us every year to customers worldwide.

Component Loan, Exchange & Sale


  • 12 months/2,000 flight hours warranty, whichever comes first
  • High Lufthansa Technik quality standards
  • Worldwide access to vast global component inventory
  • Material listed on various online platforms
  • Logistics services on request: air freight, ground transport, courier, on-board courier, air charter


Single Component Availability

Component loan, exchange and sale

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Immediate support

How it works

Both routine requests and rapid AOG support can be inquired 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our highly knowledgeable customer service agents at the AOG desk will perform a fast availability check and reply immediately. You can opt for loan, exchange or sale and one of the logistics options for your destination – and we will handle it by coordinating the entire process. 

Material Support Services in the Middle East

We understand that the supply chain is a critical part of your business!

Our dedicated supply chain team is committed to providing solutions that can help you establish an effective supply chain strategy for your business. At Lufthansa Technik Middle East, we simplify your material management requirements with a focus on cost and time for short and long-term engagements. Our team of experts can address all your supply chain needs in an agile, flexible, proactive, and collaborative manner.

We offer best-in-class infrastructure solutions for storage and warehouse services, transportation, logistics, and materials support services. Our strong presence in UAE’s Aerospace Supply Chain Hub, backed by Lufthansa Technik's global capabilities, allows us to meet all your supply chain requirements.

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