Design concept "Explorer"

Explorer feeling - up in the air

Explore the world – anywhere, at any time

We are excited to present an exclusive extension of our new wide-body VIP cabin concept EXPLORER at EBACE 2022: The BRABUS Adventure Lounge.

In collaboration with world renowned luxury mobility brand BRABUS, a special Adventure Lounge has been designed in the rear part of the lower deck, which can already be viewed from the main deck through a glass floor. Vehicles can be stored here for discovery tours after landing. The new BRABUS 1300R models are not only housed here, but also attractively presented. Passengers can easily access the BRABUS Adventure Lounge from the main deck via a convenient staircase. The EXPLORER design features the first and strictly limited BRABUS motorcycle, the BRABUS 1300R, which was created in collaboration with leading Austrian motorcycle experts KTM.

In addition to the floor extending from the front fuselage area to form a veranda and the projection surfaces for virtual content integrated on a large scale in the cabin design, the BRABUS Adventure Lounge perfectly rounds off our concept for world explorers.

Jan Grube

Sales Director in Lufthansa Technik's VIP & Special Aircraft Services

Your unique base camp

The EXPLORER design concept was first unveiled at the Monaco Yacht Show 2021. It is based on the current trend for superyachts that fulfill two wishes for their owners: To take them almost anywhere at any time, and to serve them at their destination as an individual five-star hotel and base camp for a wide variety of leisure activities and excursions. 

In developing the cabin floor plan, we placed our emphasis on a wide range of possible use cases to do business as well as to enjoy life and explore the world with family and friends. Interior elements are kept multi-functional. In addition to classic elements such as private bedrooms, bathrooms and conference areas we also developed a variety of new ideas for your mission briefings, dining, fitness or even a dance floor and SPA area. Furthermore, you can take all your special equipment with you. No matter if it is a car, off-road vehicle, wingsuite, wine cellar, exploration laboratory or even an emergency medical room - or anything else you might dream off.

Ceiling projection

Unique features for your cabin

By integrating the unique ceiling projection system of Diehl Aerospace, we have created a breathtaking interior that exploits the technology`s full potential for a VIP cabin. For the first time, you can bring a variety of atmospheres into your private jet - depending on your mood and occasion. The system covers huge areas of the ceiling and sidewalls where it brings an endless variety of virtual worlds to life.

Diehl Aerospace is a Joint Venture of Diehl Aviation and the French company Thales.

We created a unique interior to exploit the full potential of the projection system for private jets. The overall look of a VIP cabin can be changed by a fingertip.

Michael Bork

Aircraft Interior Architect in VIP & Special Aircraft Service

Spectacular open-air seating area

At a height of around four meters above the tarmac, you have a unique view of the airport and its surroundings as a base camp for further discoveries and excursions. The main deck cargo hatch, which is available ex works i.e. on the Airbus A330 freighter or as a retrofit solution on passenger versions, opens up the interior to its surroundings, into which you can then immerse directly via a platform that can be extended by several meters. 

Design concept Explorer by Lufthansa Technik


Customized for your needs

For maximum comfort - these ideas are designed for 8 - 12 passengers and explicitly focus on meeting the requirements of the best Explorer experience you can have. We also have other floorplan options available and can certainly adapt it to any other need i.e. for a higher number of passengers to use this aircraft as a feeder for explorer-cruise ships.

We chose the Airbus Corporate Jet ACJ330 as the platform. As a classic widebody aircraft, it offers sufficient space for a large number of new cabin ideas. However, this layout can also be easily transferred into any other widebody aircraft like an Airbus A350, the Boeing 787 or 777...


Floorplan A330

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Wieland Timm

Head of Sales VIP & Special Aircraft Services

Lufthansa Technik AG | Hamburg, Germany

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