Nature's Touch


Symbiosis of nature, technology and human demands

We are very pround that our new business jet cabin layout was awarded with the Red Dot 2019 for its high quality design to the work. 

Nature's Touch combines the cultures of East and West. Many traditional Chinese colors have been used such as creamy, moon-light beige, combining with bamboo green, and jade as well as crimson. Textile, subtle stripes simulating bamboo wood grain are complemented by natural materials such as marble, genuine leather, wool and silk. The exuberant diversification of colors and textures expresses the vitality of nature. Bamboo, which stands tall and straight, never withering, but being unyielding, has been a symbol of character, moral integrity, resistance, modesty and loyalty since ancient times.

Human-oriented smart technology

Creating a convenient and comfortable flight experience, all interfaces are integrated into the cabin environment in a gentle way, like hidden passenger system control units (PCU), intelligent cabin signs, smart touch-screen desktops, smart window shade glass and ambient-lights. An absolute technical innovation is the installation of the roll-up/down screen technology in the cinema. A voice and gesture recognition simplifies the handling of the cabin management (CMS) and inflight entertainment system (IFE).

The usage of the cabin will be enhanced by creating matching mood and surrounding, depending on the passengers' requirement. For a business scenario the displays could show latest data, live connected to the global business networks via cloud services. Wireless charging on many horizontal surfaces is available for personal devices, video conferencing and full connectivity is provided by high-speed internet connection. Cabin lights and surrounding are matched to a business like ambience, the integrated bar closes off the meeting area in the cabin.

Largest OLED roll-up sceen

In a selected leisure and entertainment scenario, the cabin displays show data from music and entertainment servers and visualizes the music mood. Projections on lining and ceiling enhance the feeling of well-being and relaxation. The bar area is now open, the open roller shutters as well as the consistent lighting concept connect the lounge with the dining area for the passengers. A cinema room finishes the entertainment package with today's largest screen (75") in a narrow body including ambient lights and an all new louvered ceiling concept. 


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