Mobile Engine Services - Engine rescue on-site

Mobile Engine Services

Engine rescue on-site


We keep on supporting you

Our four Mobile Engine Service stations are fully operational and offer flexible solutions. We currently have four Mobile Engine Service stations in Frankfurt (Germany), Montreal (Canada), Tulsa (USA) and Shenzhen (China), which continue to operate without restrictions and offer the full services spectrum for CFM56-5B/-7B and V2500 engines.

By resolving only specific technical issues we can avoid a full performance restoration shop visit and our small surgical interventions get engines back in shape in a cash-flow-saving way. In case of only minor defects our Mobile Engine Services offer a reasonable alternative to find fast and cost-effective repair solutions. We offer more than 40 products and individualized events for specific problems, covering a wide range of defects for the most common engine types. The repair options range from boroscopy on wing to fan blade replacement, the replacement of an HPT blade or even a complete combustion chamber.

Local power worldwide

Aircraft engines are built for one purpose only: to power aircraft around the world. We do everything to ensure that downtime is kept to a minimum so that your engines can fulfill this mission. Keeping engines on-wing is the best option, repairing them close to where the aircraft is operated is the next. We dedicate our services to find the fastest and most cost-efficient solution for your engine maintenance requirement. To avoid time-consuming full load shop visits, our Mobile Engine Services offer three types of services:

  • On-wing repair: repair with the engine mounted on the aircraft can be integrated into your operations.
  • On-site repair: In case a disassembly of the engine from the wing is required, our mobile repairs are offered directly at your facility.
  • Repair station: more complex repairs can be performed at one of our repair stations close to your home base.
AST® Engines

The engine rescue brigade

Our Airline Support Teams (AST®) are our experts for the global on-site support of engines. More than 250 AST® mechanics worldwide are standing by to fly to your aircraft's location 24/7 and get your engines up and running again. They offer innovative services ranging from troubleshooting to scheduled maintenance, from inspection to quick engine and module changes. Conveniently, the expert teams will bring all required material, equipment and tools with them.


… events are handled by our Engine Airline Support Teams per year

Whenever it is possible, our engine specialists will perform the work on-wing. Only if necessary, the engine will be removed and serviced on-site. The AST® teams are fast and reliable problem solvers – they minimize the impact on aircraft operations, reduce the maintenance costs and mitigate the risk of work scope extensions.

Repair stations

Your regional workshop

When the required work scope for your engine exceeds capabilities, it doesn't have to entail long transportation times and a full performance restoration shop visit - we can offer you on-wing or on-site support. With our global network and engineering backbone, we have established local repair stations close to your home base to perform many repairs on a short notice. Four repair stations are already in place, with more to be opened in the future. Lean repair solutions and a smart scope of work bring your engines back in the air again quickly.

Just give us a call in case of AOG!

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Mobile Engine Services

Your benefits

  • Extended engine on-wing time
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Minimized impact on aircraft operations
  • Rapid response time
  • No or reduced engine shipping costs
  • No spare engine required


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Marc Wilken, Director Product Sales and Engine Lease

Marc Wilken

Senior Director Product Sales and Engine Lease

Lufthansa Technik AG

Hamburg, Germany