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Experience the power of seamless aircraft engine maintenance tailored to your needs at your doorstep. Our commitment is simple: 
to keep your engines flying around the globe with minimal downtime and sustainably reduce your total MRO costs. 

  • Costs savings through surgical repairs with minimum work scopes and short TAT
  • Global network with strongest engineering, module & parts repair backbone
  • Dedicated to develop new repair ideas and tailormade solutions with OEM partnership
  • 25 years experience on high-end InFIELD engine services

With surgical engine repairs range from module replacements to replacements of hot section parts we keep your engine flying and enable you to avoid or postpone major shop visits. Keeping engines on-wing is the best option, repairing them close to where the aircraft is operated is the next. We dedicate our services to find the fastest and most cost-efficient solution for your engine maintenance requirement. To avoid time-consuming full load shop visits, our Mobile Engine Services offer three types of services:


Matching your flight schedule

Your Engine Cleaning

Seamless integrate Cyclean® engine wash and AeroTRACER smell and leak detection into your operations, ensuring no disruption to your schedule. Save water and fuel and cut down on emissions by washing your aircraft engines with Cyclean®. For example, washing a PW1100 regularly with Cyclean® saves up to 80t C02 emissions per year.


Unmatched competence at your doorstep

Your Airline Support Team (AST®)

More than 200 mechanics worldwide are standing by to fly to your aircraft's location 24/7 and get your engines up and running again. We offer innovative services ranging from troubleshooting to scheduled maintenance, from inspection to quick engine and module changes. Conveniently, the expert teams will bring all required material, equipment and tools with them. With special procedures we keep the work scopes short.


The smart alernative in your region

Your Regional Repair Hub

More complex repairs can be performed at one of our facilities close to your home base. Our surgical repair solutions minimize work scopes and turnaround times. We are operating out of a worldwide network of five repair stations with more to be opened in the future.  

Your regional repair station

Mobile Engine Services is operating out of a worldwide network of five repair stations with more to be opened in the future. Out of these stations in APAC, EMEA and Americas our mechanical experts/Airline Support Team (AST® Engines) fly to an InFIELD event - wherever your engine is located. We take care of all process steps of the surgical repair and support with tooling and material. In addition, our repair stations offer a large number of smart engine repair solutions as well as quickturn in-house as InSTATION services. Our services extend an engine's time-on-wing and enable you to postpone or even avoid cash-intensive major overhaul shop visits.

Mobile Engine Services

We keep you flying

with engine OEMs

Test cell capability in FRA and TUL


Events per year with over 80 customers

> 25 years of experience with InFIELD services

Comprehensive engine type portfolio

Certified by > 40 airworthiness authorities


Repair stations worldwide


Mobile engine services mechanics worldwide

Mobile Engine Services


  • Reduce your maintenance costs
  • Extend your engine's on-wing time
  • Minimize impact on your aircraft operations
  • Get immediate responses — because your time is valuable
  • Eliminate or significantly reduce engine shipping costs
  • Operate without needing a spare engine

Your personal contact

Dmitri Zaitsev

Head of Product Sales Engine Services and Engine Lease

Lufthansa Technik AG | Hamburg, Germany

Sebastian TorhorstHead of Sales Engine Services Americas

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Sebastian Torhorst

Head of Sales Engine Services Americas

Lufthansa Technik AG | Miami, USA

Fulya TuerkoezHead of Sales Engine Services EMEA

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Fulya Tuerkoez

Head of Sales Engine Services EMEA

Lufthansa Technik AG | Hamburg, Germany

Regine KuckuckHead of Sales Engine Services APAC

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Regine Kuckuck - Lufthansa Technik Sales Manager Engine Services

Regine Kuckuck

Head of Sales Engine Services APAC

Lufthansa Technik AG | Hamburg, Germany

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