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Airplanes have to be safe and they have to be ready for take-off on time – this is basically what line maintenance is all about!

Our long heritage in the airline business has endowed us with extensive technical experience as well as a profound knowledge of operating fleets of every kind and size. This makes us a preferred partner for providing line maintenance. But we offer more than just technical support; at Lufthansa Technik you will find a wide array of flexible maintenance solutions tailored to your needs. They all share a single focus: meeting your MRO requirements to increase your competitiveness. More than 150 customers entrust their fleet to us. Our line maintenance engineers are available at international and German stations, all of them giving their best to deserve this trust.


Station Capability List Summer Season 2023

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Price List Line Maintenance Services valid from 01. May 2023

Applicable for ​all Lufthansa Technik ​line maintenenace stations

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580… highly skilled technicians are at your service worldwide

Your ​personal contact

Bert Mutschke

Key Account Manager Line Maintenance Stations

Lufthansa Technik AG | Frankfurt, Germany

Maintenance Management and Engineering

​Caring - ​specifically - for you

Aircraft technology has always been subject to unceasing change – and so has maintenance! We have been an integral part of this progress - and still are: More than one hundred specially qualified engineers dedicate themselves exclusively to the question of how to optimize maintenance services for our customers. To meet today`s and future requirements we offer a wide array of supplemental maintenance and engineering services. Our "Aircraft Engineering Services" offer customized solutions to technically complex airworthiness management tasks which can be subcontracted according to EASA Part-M (SCAMT). After all: your individual situation is not considered in the manufacturer's maintenance planning document (MPD) – so any operator's maintenance program needs to be customized. Why not have the best possible version that meets all your specific requirements?

We also offer a whole bouquet of different engineering services like customized task cards, warranty management, transition management, consulting or cabin modification – all tailored to your individual needs!

Aircraft Engineering Services


  • Lower capital costs because of higher utilisation & reliability
  • Less maintenance cost thanks to optimized maintenance
  • Access to know-how  based on a large customer fleet
  • Immediate response to market fluctuation due to easy & fast phase-in/-out and deactivation


Line Maintenance: Operational Support

Boosting Your Maintenance

You just want to concentrate on your core business and are looking for assistance when it comes to operational routines on-site? We offer transit-checks with any kind of line maintenance support fit for your requirements at all our stations worldwide. These include assistance for transits, layovers, and night-stops. This may also encompass liaison with fuel suppliers, supervision of fueling/defueling operations, check and verification of the delivered fuel quantity, draining of water from aircraft fuel tanks, final administration and hand-over of the fueling documentation to your representatives. Just give us a chance to help out! 

Technical Operations Management

Your best ​person

We listen to our customers. As one result we have developed a solution for operators who strive for a high integration of our MRO services into their individual operations. We call this solution Technical Operations Management (TOM).  A TOM fleet manager at the customer's home base has direct access to our entire organization and can take care of every aspect of engineering and line maintenance. At the same time, our fleet manager takes over important management functions, for instance in planning and fulfillment management – always in close cooperation with the airline's flight operations and at the local level! 

Line Maintenance: Airline Start-up Support

Four ​steps to the sky

About to start your own airline? We can assist you in building up an effective and certified maintenance organization, giving you a sound technical foundation with the highest standards of quality control, practices and procedures. Our support comprises four steps:

  • Consulting and Training: We plan your maintenance and training/certify your employees
  • Operations: You can rely on our line maintenance teams and facilities
  • Technical Assistance: We help you to obtain all necessary approvals
  • Production Planning: We support you in setting up your own maintenance planning and control.

We can set up approved homebase maintenance operations in a very short time – anywhere in the world.

Jörg Reineke

Manager Line Maintenance Projects

Maintenance Organization Approvals Worldwide



Asia and Australia

Africa and Middle East


Customer Support Center

One number ​opens all doors

For any kind of technical inquiry just contact our Customer Support Center. It handles all operational inquiries and AOG requests 24/7 coordinating highly experienced troubleshooting and engineering support. This includes technicians, tooling and logistic support for both scheduled and unplanned repairs wherever the aircraft is located.
We have accumulated an unmatched fund of knowledge about everything that can go wrong with an airplane – as a result, many problems can be solved quickly for the simple reason that they have occurred before - and we have the solution ready.
We also have teams of specialists that are ready to fly on short notice whenever and wherever your aircraft cannot – our Airline Support Teams (AST®). 

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