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Loan of tooling, equipment and GSE 

Along with our maintenance services, we offer the loan of aircraft tooling, equipment and ground support equipment (GSE). We understand that every tool shortage can be very costly both for the MRO facilities and for the airlines alike. Our experience ensures that we understand your needs - we can provide tools when you need them most. We are committed to offering quick and comprehensive solutions to our customers at competitive prices.

You can contact our Tooling and Engineering Central Team s with your request containing part number, description of the tool and period for loan. We know exactly that most of the loan tools are AOG and have processes in place to meet your requirements.You will receive a suitable offer fast.


  • Airbus A320, A330, A340, A350, A380
  • Boeing 737, B747, B757, B767, B777, B787


  • Extensive selection - several locations and tooling for wide variety of aircraft types                                                  
  • High level of flexibility targeting the best solution for our customers
  • Quick response time
  • One-stop solution covering multiple loan, locations and regions - Budapest, Malta, Sofia, Puerto Rico             
  • Extended availability 7 days per week                                                               
  • Competitive pricing model based on exact days of loan


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Martin Rusinov

Product Manager Tool Loan

Lufthansa Technik AG | Sofia, Bulgaria


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Team FRA

Tool Loan

Lufthansa Technik AG | Frankfurt, Germany