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Gentle care forprecious materials

Scratches on a unique wooden table, scuffed leather on hand-stitched seat covers, or stains on rare pieces of cabin furniture: As time passes, minor and larger imperfections accumulate even in the most thoroughly designed interior. Taken in isolation, they are merely visual flaws. But collectively they detract from the premium look and feel you and your guests want to experience when flying with your private aircraft. Eliminating such blemishes by conventional repair methods or cabin refurbishment can quickly consume a lot of time and resources. Not least, because your interior has been created to suite your personal taste as well as legal requirements. With CabinSHINE, Lufthansa Technik offers a smart repair approach for cabin surfaces – invincible, fast and wherever you need it. 

Restoration for aircraft interiors

Manufactured with passion, precision and for long-lasting pleasure: Your cabin interior is a true piece of art. And we know precisely how to restore it. Our experts are skilled in both working with natural and artificial materials, combining traditional craftsmanship with advanced technology. Without dismantling any interior element, they can repair almost any surface directly within the cabin environment. A virtually unlimited array of colors and imitation of surfaces are available to suit all possible arrangements. Even the artistic mimic of wooden structures on synthetic surfaces can be executed by our experts. 

Always within close reach

Refurbishing a cabin is expensive and takes a lot of time. CabinSHINE is way faster and cost efficient than conventional repair solutions. The work can be carried out as part of a routine maintenance operation or even during short layovers. Since materials and tools aren‘t affected by import restrictions, our mobile team can offer an individual tailored cabin brush up anywhere in the world. With the dedicated backing of a worldwide support network, we make your customized interior vision continue shining – no matter where you might need us! 



  • Up to 8 times cheaper than conventional repair methods 
  • Up to 9 times faster than conventional repair methods
  • Patented surface repair procedure, approved by aviation authorities
  • Repair and painting of cabin interior elements possible without dismantling
  • Utilization of line maintenance and ground times
  • Worldwide availability
  • Large range of cabin surface materials and finishings available
  • Sustainability by repairing instead of replacing

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