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"Having access to your experience is like a gold mine"

More than just "working together"

Cooperation is more than just "working together". That becomes clear when Sylvain Savard, President and founder of Avianor, talks about the cooperation between his company and ours: He seems to bubble over with creative energy and enthusiasm. It's been two years since our first cooperation with Avianor, a Canadian MRO company. Several smaller projects led cumulatively to the idea of planning C-check layovers together and, in the process, creating a new approach: Why not offer the process expertise of our base maintenance to other MRO providers as a service product? No sooner said than done: A five-person project team set out for Montreal, Canada, to develop a master plan with its counterpart at Avianor for work, including material supply, on two Airbus A330 aircraft. Sylvain reports on his experiences:

Q: When did you first consider working more closely with us?

A: The first time we cooperated was on a joint bid for a huge fleet. We spent a long time together in Mirabel with all the members of your team from around the world learning a lot on each side, especially about how we can reach a joint understanding. Communication was incredibly good right from the beginning. 

“Lufthansa Technik has such a lot of experience – that is a huge plus for us. We developed a great relationship and ended up with the desire to work more closely together.”

Q: What was the feedback from your team when you came up with the idea to work together on the planning of two A330 overhauls?

A: Some colleagues doubted whether Lufthansa Technik really would want to work with us – there was this attitude of "let's wait and see". But nevertheless: Your team was overwhelmingly straight, making clear that they wanted to help and work with us. 

Q: As an MRO provider: Why were you looking for support for base maintenance?

A: Since we have a focus on cabin integration, we knew that we had to become better on maintenance events with respect to service, turnaround time and price. It was obvious that we needed support for that. The opportunity with Lufthansa Technik just popped up, so we gave it a try. One great advantage of working with you is, for example, predictability. When we do a C-check we have findings during the inspection. Our normal process is then to figure out which spare parts we need, order them and then wait – sometimes quite a long time. Having access to your great data pool allowed us to predict the majority of findings – a big time saver! 

“To put it in a nutshell: We knew the major problems during the maintenance event beforehand so that we were able to prepare.”

Q: How did cooperation during the project work out?

A: Every expert in my company had a very patient and open-minded counterpart from material, logistics, quality or planning. For us as a small company, having access to the experience of Lufthansa Technik is like a gold mine – that is very exciting and positive for us. It was just unbelievable how fast our company grew within just one week. We can't wait to start the next phase of the partnership with you! 

Sylvain Savard - Avianor


Sylvain Savard, Avianor

Avianor is specialized in aircraft cabin integration, spare parts supply and aircraft MRO based in Montreal, Canada. Sylvain Savard runs the medium-sized company (300 employees) together with Earl Diamond. Sylvain is an industrial engineer with heart and soul and enjoys nothing more than working on technical challenges. 

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