Litter Racks

The simple and versatile solution

Efficient solution for the transport ofmedium-care patients

Litter racks are ideal in situations where many medium-care patients need to be airlifted. They are more space-efficient than the PTU, while also providing a low to medium level of care. Depending on the cabin geometry, up to three patients can be stacked on the footprint of one stretcher. Litter Racks are also seat track mounted.

There are four general variants to choose from:

  • Basic care – maximum stacking to create as many lie flat bed positions as possible
  • Intermediate care – The basic care variant, with additional oxygen supply
  • Advanced care – One or two patients per position, with oxygen, health monitoring and emergency ventilation. The extra height allows better patient observation and easier intervention.
  • Isolated care – Combined with EpiShuttle or similar for single patient self-contained transport

Due to our modular approach, a litter rack structure can be configured very easily between the four options, to meet the needs of the patients.

Litter Racks are less costly than PTUs. Due to their compact size, more patients can be transported. Combined with an equipment- and oxygen- rack, oxygen supply as well as a minimum monitoring can be provided.

Litter Racks and EpiShuttle

More flexibility, More options

Combining the EpiShuttle, by EpiGuard, with our Litter Rack provides a solution for infectious patient that do not require intensive care treatment.

The Litter Racks are a flexible solution that can be used for different missions, like mass transports as well as transports with infectious patients.

Litter Racks

Key features

  • Space and cost efficient solution to airlift a high number of patients
  • Easily adaptable to switch between max. capacity and max. patient access
  • Can be combined with Oxygen and monitoring

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