Patient Transport Unit

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In-flight intensive care with maximum reliability

The PTU Next Generation (NG) provides the underlying infrastructure to supply vital medical equipment needed to deliver intensive care patient on board of a large aircraft. 

In particular, the PTU NG allows

  • the necessary medical positioning of the patient combined with the restrain needed for flight safety,
  • the arrangement and retainment of medical devices e.g. monitors, ventilation, infusion systems,
  • the supply of medical oxygen and electric energy for such devices as well as
  • stowage of medical appliances.

The performance of the PTU meets the requirements of today's medical devices, the relevant medical norms, as well as aviation safety requirements. Moreover, it fulfills the relevant NATO Standards. More specifically, it is a certified medical product under CE regulations for intensive care transport and has been integrated already in aircraft via multiple civilian EASA STCs (Supplemental Type Certificates), as well as military certifications. Almost 30 years of experience with the PTU Classic in military and airline use, along with intense certification testing, guarantee a robust and reliable product, ready to fly, whenever needed.

Listening to our experiences users from medical and technical departments, the PTU NG supports a fast tool-less installation and a high degree of customization to meet specific requirements. Moreover, a single unit can be deployed easily in very different types of aircraft by using a modular seat track adapter design. Beside those general architecture solutions, details such as one hand operation of drawer latches and lockable compartments for regulated drugs reflect the deep knowledge and understanding of users' needs.

The PTU NG from Lufthansa Technik is an advanced medical device designed to provide the necessary infrastructure for the safe transport of intensive care patients. The PTU NG is modular, comprising an electric inverter with sufficient capacity for medical devices, including customizable stowage compartments for medical supplies and the safe containment of oxygen. 

Installed in minutes, the PTU NG is a modular, customizable solution offering the best transport solutions for intensive care patients.

Oliver Thomaschewski

Head of Product Management Aircraft Components

Depending on Mission and Aircraft 

  • Equipment carrier racks can be installed on the foot end or lateral position.
  • A high-comfort bed or typical stretchers such as Stryker or stretchers fulfilling the STANAG standards can accommodate patients. Incubator platforms can also be mounted on the same interface. Even isolation units can be installed.
  • Medical supplies can be stowed in removable drawers or standard galley containers. Such boxes can be prepacked and modularly loaded according to the patient needs and mission.
  • Up to 13,000 liters of either medical or aviation oxygen is contained in a closed container. This removable container can be filled and maintained from the unit independently.

Patient Transport Unit

Key features

  •  Patient weight: max. 120 kg
  • Empty weight: < 260 kg (excl. O2) 
  • Payload limit: ~ 399 kg
  • Oxygen capacity: up to 13,000 liters
  • Power input: 230 V AC, 50 Hz, 115 V AC, 360 - 800 Hz or 28 V DC
  • Power output: 230 V AC, 50 Hz, 115 V AC, 60 Hz, 14 and/or 28 V DC

PTU and EpiShuttle

Perfect solution for transports of infectious patients

The concept of combining our Patient Transport Unit (PTU) with EpiShuttle by EpiGuard, allows air transport for isolated patients, who can receive intensive care monitoring and treatment. Our PTU as a proven platform for intensive care transportation by air is the perfect partner for EpiShuttle. This single-patient isolation system provides the highest level of safety and comfort for crew and patient.

EpiShuttle is a medical device of the Norwegian company EpiGuard. Our PTU is manufactured as a medical device by Aerolite Switzerland. The combination of PTU and EpiShuttle is in concept phase.

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PTU - the Patient Transport Unit

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Rabih Jamileh

Sales Executive

Lufthansa Technik AG | Hamburg, Germany

Jan Sebastian Kuehlsen

Technical Sales and Product Management - AeroMedical Solutions

Lufthansa Technik AG | Hamburg, Germany

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