eEnabled Software Management

Integrated solution for aircraft software configuration

With each new aircraft generation being more heavily computerized, field-loadable software is increasingly important. eEnabled Software Management, Lufthansa Techniks integrated solution for aircraft software configuration management, enables you to have a clear view of your aircraft software configurations and manages software packages just in time.

eEnabled Software Management consists of three state-of-the-art items: an adapter plate, a selection of Portable Data Loaders (PDL) and the application eEnabled Software Management. Replacing the Airborne Data Loader of the past, a generic and certified ARINC 615-3 data loader adapter is installed in the cockpit. A Portable Data Loader is used to load the required software to the aircraft component via the ARINC 615-3 interface.

eEnabled Software Management performs the following functions:

  • Management and distribution of aircraft software
  • Configuration control and tracking
  • Closed-loop tracking of the software loading process


eEnabled Software Management reduces the costs for logistics and work as well as aircraft ground times due to faster loading times. The system is flexible to incorporate future developments. The innovative eEnabled Software Management can therefore be used for all aircraft types as the "one-fits-all" solution. With this system, customers enable themselves to handle the software management for their entire current and future fleet.