Special Mission Aircraft

A class of its own

Competence for special aircraft

Some planes have a mission beyond merely transporting passengers or freight: they are intended to perform astronomical observations or parabolic flights. These special mission aircraft are highly welcome in our hangars as they give us the opportunity to fully exploit all dimensions of our technological capabilities, creativity and craftsmanship.

When building an isolation ward aboard an aircraft or overhauling a plane to carry a telescope weighing 17 tons, no routine procedures are applicable: this demands individual technical solutions (for the complete lifecycle of the aircraft). Thanks to our in-depth engineering know-how combined with the Allowance to Design and Approve Modifications and Repairs we are capable of developing and deploying these solutions. Close relationships with suppliers, fast access to OEMs and our trustbased relationships with authorities form the backbone that enables us to master such complex technical tasks.

Our capabilities for special mission aircraft are based on decades of experience gained through the completion and equipping of private and government aircraft.

Wieland Timm

Head of Corporate Sales Special Mission Aircraft

Scientific and Humanitarian Operations

Perfectly equipped for exceptional tasks

The flying observatory SOFIA is the most expensive aircraft in the world. NASA regularly entrusts it to us, as we are one of the few MRO providers with a decade-long understanding of a Boeing 747SP. With our stable backbone of experts, large material pools and close relations with suppliers we provide the full range of services necessary to maintain such a valuable aircraft. However, you don't need a space mission anymore to conduct scientific experiments in zero gravity. Tor this end, we have converted an Airbus A310 into an in-flight test and research platform for parabolic flights. And even in the event of epidemics or medical emergencies we have special solutions at hand. When the ebola epidemic shocked the world, we turned an Airbus A340 into the only insulation ward worldwide onboard an aircraft: Highly infectious patients could be flown out and receive medical aid during the flight. At the same time the medical staff was provided with a safe working environment that was just as safe as on the ground. No aircraft mission is beyond our scope. 

All-round Technical Support

Solutions for a lifetime

Life cycle support for aircraft is our core business – also and especially for scientific aircraft: from the aircraft selection to the conversion, configuration and equipment and on to lifelong technical support during operation. This includes the maintenance of engines and landing gears, component supply, and maintenance as well as major overhauls. We also possess all the skills and technologies for modifications, such as refurbishing the cabin or adapting the communication systems. "Easy to maintain" is always the guiding principle when developing an individual solution. We always think three steps ahead as we bear the whole lifecycle of aircraft in mind and we know in advance what to avoid right from the beginning. 

Special Mission Aircraft


  • Complete lifecycle support from a single source
  • Trusted, long-term partner of manufacturers and government operators
  • Unique expertise in integrating customized technology in aircraft
  • Extensive engineering know-how for customized solutions

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Wieland Timm

Head of Sales VIP & Special Aircraft Services

Lufthansa Technik AG | Hamburg, Germany

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