Support of Military Aircraft

Dependability you can rely on

Trusted partner for every mission

In military and humanitarian missions, all parties involved must be able to rely one hundred percent on each other. Mutual trust and reliability contribute decisively to the success of the tasks at hand – from routine operations to special missions. As a long-standing, reliable partner of various governments and national armed forces, we are aware of this special responsibility – and affirm this trust in us each and every day: we equip commercial / civil aircraft for military missions and ensure the unsurpassed operational readiness of the fleets we support.

Our services for military aircraft cover their entire lifecycle. We contribute our extensive experience in supporting fleets of any size and mix – enhanced by our knowledge of the special requirements for the military use of commercial platforms. We work closely with aircraft manufacturers to support the respective nations and their armed forces with the appropriate solution for their aviation requirements –always as an equal partner, with a sense of proportion and an eye for the sustainable technical innovations of the future.

Comprehensive Technical Support

Comprehensive Technical Support

Exactly the services you need

All the services we offer to commercial airlines as well as to private and VIP planes over their entire lifecycle are also available for military-operated aircraft. Supported by our large network with a worldwide presence, we are able to respond flexibly to the special needs of government customers within the shortest possible time – regardless of whether it is a matter of procurement, conversion or operational support. For one, we are a long-standing partner of the German Armed Forces in supplying its government and tanker aircraft. And the Italian Air Force, for example, relies on our material supply chain for its Boeing 767 tanker fleet.

Our customers from the military and defense sector particularly appreciate our extremely reliable and long-term solutions, but also our ability to go innovative ways with unusual ideas that contribute lastingly to the desired mission results. To ensure reliable operation of the aircraft right from the start, we even go one step further and also assist you in the training of both technical and aviation personnel.

Our range of technical services:

  • Complete lifecycle services
  • Maintenance and overhaul
  • Engineering services
  • Upgrades and modifications
  • Component support
  • Engine services
  • Aircraft conversions
  • Technical training
  • Flight training in collaboration with the Lufthansa group

MRTT Fuel Hose

Aircraft Modifications

Competence in conversion

For their special operations, the aircraft of national armed forces must be specially equipped – whether as tankers, as airborne seats of government or for troop transports and humanitarian missions. As experts in converting commercial planes, we have proven in many projects that we can implement the appropriate aircraft modifications and equipment for even the most complex military and defense requirements. The latest example of this unique capability is the conversion of an A319 into the most modern mission aircraft in the world. It is to be used on surveillance flights in the context of the "Open Skies" agreements. For the German government, we equipped the whole fleet of aircraft of the Special Air Mission Wing and also modified Airbus A310 tanker aircraft. We developed cabin layouts for a wide variety of deployment scenarios for the A330 Multi-Role Tanker Transport transforming it into a truly multifunctional fleet member for military operators. 

Military and Defense


  • Unique expertise in integrating civil technology in military aircraft
  • Highest supply reliability and flexible solutions
  • Competent partner for complex modification and completion programs
  • Combined civil and military certification

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