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Whether it's the coffee maker, the air cycle machine or instruments in the cockpit – most components in an aircraft need regular maintenance and have to be exchanged at one point. A reliable partner for component pooling helps you to avoid unnecessary operational and financial risks.

We operate one of the largest aircraft component pools in the world – just join us and benefit from our comprehensive experience in material supply. Being part of a big community, opens us access to significant economies of scale. Our local material stocks reflect the needs of our customers in their regions – and, if you join in, we will take care that you get the right component delivered to the right place at the right time.

2,300,000,000 USDworth of components are in stock

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Total Component Support – TCS®

Take advantage of the ultimate pooling concept

Become a member of our aircraft component pool and benefit from an airline-proven global supply concept. We guarantee 24/7 access to this pool, 100 percent reliable delivery and 1:1 advanced exchanges at pre-determined service levels. At the same time, your operating costs go down compared with maintaining your own stock. All part repairs are managed directly by us. Ultra-sophisticated and flexible global transport solutions ensure that every component needed reaches your location in the shortest possible time. Our experts advise you during the configuration of your individual home base stock. Our dedicated 24/7 AOG support team, in combination  with our direct access o components all over the world , always keeps your aircraft on schedule. All these services are exactly tailored to your own specific requirements – with a predicable payoff for your company due to payment on a cost-per-flight-hour basis.

Aviation Material Pooling


  • Customized service packages – from single unit to fleet support
  • 100 percent reliable delivery
  • No need for own spare-part inventory
  • Minimized financial and operational risks
  • Local material stocks close to customer's operations

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Lufthansa Technik AG | Hamburg, Germany



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Lufthansa Technik Component Service | Miami, USA



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Lufthansa Technik AG I Singapore

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