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Open interplay

AVIATAR is a platform for the entire aviation industry by offering an extensive variety of digital products and services for airlines, MROs, OEMs and lessors by combining multiple apps in one place. While each single app provides value in its stand-alone version, it is the interplay of those apps that creates the unique value proposition for the individual user.

The cloud-based infrastructure of AVIATAR ensures the highest standard of data security for customer data in compliance with European data protection requirements, in particular for personal data. A Software Development Kit is available to all airlines and potential partners.

On track to the future

Knowing anything about the real-time health condition of every component in the air and at all times, managing data streams and centrally accessing maintenance records that are always up-to-date. The future is digital – and this is especially true for the maintenance, repair and overhaul of commercial aircraft. By 2025, more than 38,000 aircraft are forecasted to be in operation worldwide. Airlines face the challenge to enhance the availability of their fleet and avoid flight delays and cancellation to reduce consequential costs. As the latest aircraft types produce 50 times more data than older generations, the resulting increase in data volume leads to growing complexity in the business of MRO suppliers on the one side but also to chances to increase efficiency and safety and safe costs on the other side. The generated data does not only have to be stored – it must be sorted, analyzed, interpreted and translated into meaningful MRO measures. 

Prediction allows action in time

AVIATAR supports customers in managing complex fleets in real time and in forecasting probabilities of failure for single components. It accumulates and consolidates information at one central point and enables exchange of information across interfaces. The platform applies analytical models to provide new insights, recommendations and notifications, enabling customers to make faster and better decisions. AVIATAR thus achieves more reliable operations with maximized operating hours, reduced costs and improved safety. The bandwidth of apps regarding for example predictor plugins, reliability benchmarking, condition monitoring, fleet management and partner apps such as record status is constantly growing. 

Open. Modular. Neutral.

AVIATAR is open. The platform is open to partners, customers and developers to co-create the future of aviation with Lufthansa Technik or to connect their apps to AVIATAR.
AVIATAR is also modular. The platform serves as a central connecting hub for apps that offer digital products and services. Far from being a preset bundle of apps, customers can select the ones they prefer – specified to their individual needs. Every app can also be used as a stand-alone product. Finally, AVIATAR is neutral. It is an independent platform that aligns to the customer's specific requirements. As an OEM spanning platform it is independent of Lufthansa Technik and any MRO service contracts. 

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  • Open: Co-creation is key to shaping the future of digital MRO
  • Modular: You can select according to your needs
  • Neutral: The platform is independent of any OEM or MRO provider

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