Competence Center for Engine Cases

Complete recovery for engine housings

Bundled competences

If you can do something particularly well, you should do it even better. We take this principle to heart and bundle our know-how for certain components and products in Centers of Excellence. Two operational examples of these competence centers are for the repairs of fan blades and of cases.

Our center for fan blades is very well established and has already made a name for itself in the market. The new Competence Center Cases is dedicated to significantly reduce the turnaround times for these unique and very expensive components. And to even further improve our services we continuously extend our network of Centers of Excellence.

An engine case can have the same service life as an engine. We always work hard to save and repair these cases.

Marcel Rose

Head of Competence Center Cases

It's all about cases

Everything in one place

Engine casings are not only costly but are very special components in many other respects too. They are subject to high stress levels during use and thus have a vast need for repair. They are very individual – even if the part number is the same, each component is unique. So their repairs require a variety of often complex methods. In addition, our customers usually want their own casings back in their engines. Consequently, every day counts in terms of turnaround time.
All this made engine cases perfect candidates for us to establish a special place for their maintenance. With the new Competence Center Cases in our Hamburg facility, all the staff and equipment for the repair of engine housings is located in one place. This not only saves valuable time, but also bundles our competencies, thus facilitating the development of new processes and repair methods. 

Rehab for engine housings

Start of treatment

Every case has its individual need of repair. When they arrive at our competence center, they are overhauled in a succession of dedicated stations. The treatment starts with a thorough cleaning and a detailed inspection for damage using a crack test. In the diagnostics area, an exact assessment is then performed. Once the diagnosis is made, specific reconditioning of the engine casing starts immediately.

The inner values count

Some cures need to go deeper. To detect cracks in engine cases, x-ray is the method of choice. Therefore we invested in a state-of-the-art x-ray center to speed up the findings process and enhance the quality. In the x-ray chamber, the defective housing is positioned on a height-adjustable and rotating table and is x-rayed by two freely movable arms. Automated and with an all-round view of up to 360 degrees, 36 images are generated in just ten minutes. The imaging is monitored in real time so that the position of the parts can be varied. This allows the optimum viewing angle to be obtained at all times. A thorough evaluation of the images enables us to determine the right remedy for each individual engine case. 

450 repairsfor 40 types of engine casings are already offered

Back to service quickly

The workstations for machining and manual operations are next in this highly integrated treatment. Since the dimensional tolerances for engine housings are very tight, extremely precise work is required here. Like the preceding and following process steps, these stations are optimally integrated in this special floor plan. For example, the Competence Center Cases has a small painting booth for the application of corrosion protection coatings and a dye penetration test station for smaller areas. And there is always a specialist around to take care of these valuable parts on the spot.

In this way, the engine casing undergoes its rehabilitation station after station. The efficient and proven process established in the Competence Center Cases avoids unnecessary transport routes and thus shortens turnaround times. So, engine housings get their specific treatments and their owners are pleased to have them back quickly.

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Marcel Rose

Head of CoE Engine Parts Case Repair

Lufthansa Technik AG | Hamburg, Germany

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