Consumables & Expendables

Strong in small parts

Highly efficient supply concepts

Size doesn't matter: Even the tiniest missing part can ground the largest aircraft. That's why we devote particular attention to consumables and expendables (C&E).

We offer you three different integration levels for the supply of these small but critical parts to choose from – ranging from ad-hoc supply to comprehensive and integrated C&E solutions. A large amount of part numbers is always available in our own warehouses, enabling us to satisfy most requests directly.

200,000and more part numbers of C&E material are permanently in stock® – ad-hoc support

Speedy supply without contract

Do you need material right now or maybe just one piece? We will supply you with the required C&E part immediately – you don't need to commit to a contract with®.

If you suffer an AOG because of a missing consumable or expendable just call our AOG materials desk and our expert sales team ensures 24/7 the supply of the material you need.

Your® benefits

  • No fixed contract
  • Material is always supplied with the appropriate airworthiness certificates
  • Fastest availability with an efficient global supply network

c.more® – classic supply

High availability at preferred conditions

A streamlined procurement process and easy ordering: our c.more® product lets you benefit from our in-depth material and consumption experience. On the basis of a classic supply contract we offer preferential purchasing terms for a jointly defined spectrum of consumables and expendables which are commonly used in your operations.

Transparent PNR-specific availability and customer individualized pricing models are provided. On request we guarantee our material price list for one year. The list of relevant part numbers used for special MRO events and AC types is generated using either your know-how and historic consumption data or an Initial Provisioning Study (IP) by us. In this way, we can help you to optimize your inventory – for existing fleets and during the introduction of new aircraft types.

Your c.more® benefits:

  • Predictable and transparent costs
  • Low level of investment
  • No fixed fees
  • Easy ordering process

c.all® – integrated supply

Forget about the little things

Just leave everything to us – we minimize your costs and efforts related to C&E supply with an all-round carefree package. Our c.all® service guarantees the availability of material, and we take care of all planning, purchasing and logistics.

The custom supply concept reflects the structure of your organization, fleet, business model and goals and always builds on two elements: the optimized on-site storage of frequently needed parts directly at your facility and a direct link between your operations and ours. To identify the right ratio of on-site storage and ad-hoc supply, we carry out an Initial Provisioning study, guaranteeing high availability while at the same time keeping costs low.

Your c.all® benefits:

  • Highest level of material availability
  • On-site storage of frequently needed parts / customer individual consignment solution
  • Includes all planning, purchasing, and logistics
  • Ongoing optimization of material supply ad-hoc support

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Consumbles & Expendables


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