Aircraft Production Inspection Program

Valuable attention to ​detail

Ensuring aircraft quality

The foundations are laid at the very beginning – this also applies to new aircraft. Defects and quality flaws that occur during the production and assembly of an aircraft often become visible only later and can subsequently lower the value of the airplane. Since we know the technical characteristics of aircraft inside out, we ensure the quality of your flying assets right from the start – even before they are handed over to you. 

2,300aircraft of all popular types have been monitored during production by our aircraft inspection staff in the last twelve years

From ​Start to Final Assembly

One modular product serves all

Our Aircraft Production Inspection Program (APIP) is a modular product. Depending on your needs, we offer to scrutinize the entire production process – from the very first inspection of any sub-assemblies to the final assembly and the final acceptance of the aircraft. 

Our aircraft production inspection modules include:

  • Section Inspections
  • Final Assembly Line
  • Acceptance/Delivery Support
  • Supplementary Services: Concession/NCR Assessment, Storage Inspections and Delivery Document Review

Embedded in the Factory

On your behalf

We operate permanent locations at all major Airbus (Toulouse, Hamburg, Mobile) and Boeing (Everett, Renton, North Charleston) final assembly sites and also monitor the production of other manufacturers, such as ATR and Embraer. Our inspectors act as your representatives onsite and on your behalf during all phases of your aircraft's production and assembly. They also help to avoid possible delays of the airplane delivery and associated costs. 

We look at the aircraft through the eyes of the airline. Our inspectors have many years of experience and are well aware of the weaknesses of the aircraft, especially from a long-term perspective.

Daniel Schiffer

Head of Aircraft Production Inspection Program (APIP)

Long-term Value

Tailored to airlines and lessors

A thorough aircraft inspection pays off for all aircraft owners and operators, be it airlines or leasing companies. While airlines typically take advantage of large portions of the build oversight services portfolio, lessors and banks may be more interested in a tailored package that is adapted individually to their needs and concentrates on specific core elements like structural inspections and build deviations that might impact the asset value. Top-notch quality at the very core of the business of lessors – the aircraft – secures the long-term value of these assets. In turn, you as a lessor boost your reputation by providing your customers with reliable jets. 

Aircraft Production Inspection Program


  • Improved reliability, reduced maintenance costs and AOG risk
  • Maximum safety, performance, and aircraft value
  • OEM process transparency, early warnings, no surprises

Our Inspection Capabilities & Build Oversight Services (Passenger & Freighter)

Model SeriesAircraft Types Production Sites
Airbus A220
  • A220-100 
  • A220-300 
  • Montreal, Mirabel, QC, Canada (YMX)
  • Mobile, AL, USA (BFM)
Airbus A320
  • A319neo
  • A320neo
  • A321neo
  • A321LR
  • A321XLR 
  • Hamburg, Finkenwerder, Germany (XFW), 
  • Toulouse, Blagnac, France (TLS) 
  • Mobile, AL, USA (BFM), 
Airbus A330
  • A330-800
  • A330-900
  • A330-200F
  • Toulouse, Blagnac, France (TLS),

Airbus A350
  • A350-900
  • A350-900ULR 
  • A350-1000
  • A350-1000ULR
  • A350F
  • Toulouse, Blagnac, France (TLS), 
Boeing 737 MAX
  • 737 MAX 7
  • 737 MAX 8
  • 737 MAX 9 
  • 737 MAX 10
  • 737 MAX 200
  • Seattle, Renton, WA, USA (RNT), 
  • Seattle, Boeing Field, WA, USA (BFI),  
  • Seattle, Everett, WA, USA (PAE),

Boeing 767
  • 767-300F
  • Seattle, Everett, WA, USA (PAE)
Boeing 777
  • 777F
  • Seattle, Everett, WA, USA (PAE)
Boeing 777X
  • 777-8
  • 777-8F 
  • 777-9 
  • Seattle, Everett, WA, USA (PAE)
Boeing 787
  • 787-8
  • 787-9
  • 787-10
  • Charleston, SC, USA (CHS)
  • E175-E2
  • E190-E2
  • E195-E2 
  • E190F
  • E195F  
  • São José dos Campos, SP, Brasil (SJK)
  • ERJ135
  • ERJ140
  • ERJ145
  • ERJ145XR 
  • São José dos Campos, SP, Brasil (SJK)
  • ATR 42-600
  • ATR 42-600S
  • Toulouse, Blagnac, France (TLS)
  • ATR 72-600
  • ATR 72-600F
  • Toulouse, Blagnac, France (TLS)

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Daniel Schiffer

Head of Aircraft Production Inspection Program

Lufthansa Technik AG Hamburg, Germany

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