Aeromedical Solutions

Complete package of Training and Long-term reliability for your solution

Lifetime support

Training, maintenance and spare parts are crucial for the long-term reliability of the solution. Here is where Lufthansa Technik can provide a complete package of solutions, which can be adapted to the needs of customers' organizations.

We know that the implementation of medical products is not easy and very time-consuming. That is why we guarantee a long service life for our products and therefore a long support of our products.


For an efficient entry into service as well as to support the operation, we offer a complete package of initial and refresher trainings. This includes typical aviation trainings such as Component Maintenance Training and Operation Manual Training. We also offer the trainings required for medical users such as Instruction for use trainings and train-the-trainer classes to establish Trainer resources at our customer's organizations. Moreover, disinfection training can be provided 

Spare parts

Although our equipment is built to be durable and reliable, sometimes it is important to replace highly stressed parts such as seals or cables during maintenance. For our products you can be sure that there is always something in stock and available once a demand occurs. With our AOG-Desk we guarantee a worldwide and 24/7 support. 

MRO Services

In order to ensure a long service life and continuous operational readiness of the equipment, it is necessary to maintain the products. With our specially trained staff, we offer comprehensive maintenance services for our products. 

Your personal contact

Rabih Jamileh

Sales Executive

Lufthansa Technik AG | Hamburg, Germany

Your personal contact

Jan Sebastian Kuehlsen

Technical Sales and Product Management - AeroMedical Solutions

Lufthansa Technik AG | Hamburg, Germany

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