Aircraft Base Maintenance

Your Single Point of Contact for Aircraft Overhaul
From single events to fleet base maintenance programs

The base maintenance products offered by Lufthansa Technik provide airlines with an optimal choice of product depth, ranging from single base maintenance events to a Total Base Maintenance Support (TBS®) one-stop fleet solution. Whether you are a lessor, a low cost carrier or a national operator, whether you have an Airbus or a Boeing fleet, Lufthansa Technik is your single point of contact for all aspects of aircraft base maintenance. 

Short turnaround times and low operating costs

No matter if it's the base maintenance layover for one aircraft or the maintenance of a whole fleet at a single site: you can take advantage of our in-depth experience and expertise that guarantees short turnaround times and low operating costs. The Lufthansa Technik network offers you comprehensive airframe overhaul services including heavy maintenance up to D-checks. The range of services comprises classic aircraft overhaul events, technical management of entire fleets, cabin and other modification programs as well as individual aircraft repair and overhaul support. 

Our network always has a slot for you

Lufthansa Technik operates a worldwide base maintenance network with overhaul facilities in Shannon (Ireland), Budapest (Hungary), Sofia (Bulgaria), Malta, Manila (Philippines), Aguadilla (Puerto Rico), Beijing (China) and in Germany. With our base maintenance sites in Europe alone we keep more than 30 lines open for our customers there. That enables us to guarantee that we'll carry out the most complex base maintenance program in the window of time you've planned, and we give you the proximity you need to eliminate unnecessary ferry flights. We offer this certainty for every current aircraft type, from the popular narrowbody aircraft families all the way to the A380. Our doors are open: at Lufthansa Technik, there's definitely a place for you. 

Total Base Maintenance Support – TBS®

Total Base Maintenance Support is a one-stop product, reducing the administrative effort normally associated with individually sourced base maintenance programs. All services are managed from a single point and tailored to the customer's flight operations. Lufthansa Technik puts airline-proven solutions from across the Lufthansa Technik Group's network to work to solve any technical problems your aircraft may have. And thanks to service guarantees and transparent performance measurements, the operator retains the control and the ability to monitor its fleet's base maintenance program at all times.