World's first Performance Restoration Shop Visit of a LEAP-1A carried out

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  • Creation of digital twin

Lufthansa Technik is currently carrying out the wold's first Performance Restoration Shop Visit (PRSV) of a LEAP-1A engine. The PRSV serves to restore the performance of the engine. This special shopvisit  gives Lufthansa Technik the opportunity of being the first maintenance organization in the world to analyze the new engine type under real operating conditions.

This will help to identify further design requirements for component repair. The LEAP-1A engine is owned by the Swedish charter company Nova Airlines AB (Novair). Novair signed a long-term contract for engine services in 2019, becoming Lufthansa Technik's first-time customer for the new engine type. An initial test run is used first to analyze which modules are responsible for the efficiency losses. The goal is to make the dismantling and repair effort efficient while keeping the incurred costs for the customer as low as possible. In addition, the initial analysis also helps to acquire data to create  a digital twin of this engine type. This data can then also be used  for the digital platform AVIATAR as part of the Engine Health Monitoring.

"It is with great expectations that Novair now submit its first LEAP-1A to Lufthansa Technik for performance restoration," said Thomas Krook, Director Technical Operations at Novair. "Few things mean as much to our airline as getting engines through the shop with the best possible outcome. We look forward to Lufthansa Technik not only delivering the baseline product, but as seen in the past - developing knowledge and methods for sending engines back to us with the highest possible return of investment in the shop visit."

"The first Performance Restoration Shop Visit of a LEAP-1A engine marks another major milestone for us. I would like to thank our launching customer Novair for the trust they placed in us and for the opportunity to further expand our technical support for them and all other customers," said Derrick Siebert, Vice President Commercials Engine Services at Lufthansa Technik. "We are proud to be the world's first MRO supplier to carry out this PRSV and will  further develop of our services based on the gained knowledge."

Lufthansa Technik already has extensive experience with this engine type: for example, a large number of Quick Turns have been performed at the Hamburg location. Here, maintenance is carried out only on individual modules in order to provide customers with the engine as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Furthermore, lessor-specific loadings as well as numerous engine tests have already been carried out. 


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