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Digitalization: A key issue in logistics

With ambitious programs we are on our way to becoming the innovation leader of spare parts logistics for aircraft. A team at Lufthansa Technik Logistik Services has initiated and implemented a number of projects to its way to the digital warehouse. As transportation and warehousing are crucial for delivering reliable MRO-services, digitizing these core fields was given high priority. Automated storage, autonomous transport systems and digital assistance systems help to optimize processes. You can already notice these changes when it comes to the processing of urgent inquiries. 

In addition to the immediate benefits of more efficient internal processes, digitalized warehousing will lead to more cost-effective and more flexible logistic services in the future

Philip Hofbauer

Head of Global Warehousing

Moreover, all measures to automated and digitalized warehousing are focused on the people. The first automated tool crib system, smart wearables such as the data gloves and increasingly paperless processes help our colleagues with their often physically demanding and time-consuming work.

Intelligent data analysis is used to improve human resources, capacity planning and reduce throughput time for goods. A specially developed algorithm recognizes patterns and derives suggestions for the use of resources. This leads to forecasts that are more accurate and allow a higher planning security.

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