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Our purpose

With our passion for aviation we make the world take off

With our support, every 5 seconds an aircraft takes off anywhere in the world. 
This is what we do day in, day out, all year round. It’s our core business. But why do we do this? What drives us? It’s because we all feel a deep passion for aviation. We all have the passion to make our contribution to connect people around the world with great reliability. This passion includes our passion for flying, for aircraft, their technology, for our products and the ongoing technical development. It has been part of our corporate culture for decades and drives us forward. And this passion is contagious. Everyone who joins us feels it and the energy and strength it generates.

Our five pillars of engagement


“33 years at Lufthansa Technik. Why? For the love of flying.” These are the words of one of our aircraft mechanics. And they sum it up perfectly what each and everyone of us drives us: It is our passion for aviation. We are all fascinated by aircraft technology. And this passion is contagious. 


Our engineers and mechanics around the world challenge the status quo every day. We want to make the impossible possible. And this means that we are willing to walk the extra mile. Day in, day out.


But none of us walks alone. We walk the extra mile together. To solve complex problems, you need to make use of teamwork to benefit from the knowledge of our highly specialized people.


Safety is non-negotiable in aviation. It’s a prerequisite. Collaboration and continuous training are key factors to provide safety. We take care every day.


We take care of our environment. We want to make our contribution to more sustainability. Our core business of maintenance and repair is already an integral part of a circular economy. With clever product developments we aim to reduce kerosene consumption.

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