material support services

Material Support Services

We understand that the supply chain is a critical part of your business!

Our dedicated supply chain team is committed to providing solutions that can help you establish an effective supply chain strategy for your business. At Lufthansa Technik Middle East, we simplify your material management requirements with a focus on cost and time for short and long-term engagements. Our team of experts can address all your supply chain needs in an agile,flexible, proactive, and collaborative manner.

We offer best-in-class infrastructure solutions for storage and warehouse services, transportation, logistics, and materials support services. Our strong presence in the UAE's Aerospace Supply Chain Hub, backed by Lufthansa Technik's global capabilities, allows us to meet all your supply chain requirements.

Logistics Services

With a deep understanding of aviation MRO requirements, our logistics team provides expert solutions for moving your freight, whether it's HAZMAT, oversized, requires special packaging, customs clearance, or transportation by road, sea or air. We provide efficient logistics advice and services to ensure that your requirements are handled with expertise. With our network of domestic and global partners, we are equipped to meet your aviation logistics and freight needs.

Warehousing and Storage Facility

Our facility is strategically positioned in close proximity to Dubai's Al Maktoum International Airport, and Aerospace Supply Chain Hub. Our maintenance facility is spread across a 5,000 square meter space, which includes a climate-controlled storage facility equipped with mounted cranes and other necessary infrastructure. We maintain the highest level of safety standards, with a close watch on aviation regulatory compliance requirements, and ensure year-round monitoring, inspection, and segregation of our spares pool as required for the optimal storage of our aircraft inventory.

When it comes to storing your aircraft parts, regardless of their size, category, or type, we offer cost-effective and efficient storage solutions with shelving or pallet racking options at our facility.

Aircraft Materials Support Services

We have established ourselves as a dependable source for aircraft materials among most of our clients in the region. At our facility in Dubai South, we manage both owned and consigned stock inventories to support airlines and MROs.

Our team of experts is always available to assist with your material requirements, whether it involves initial or additional spares provisioning, stock replenishments, or ad-hoc needs during maintenance checks. With our in-house inventory, third-party consigned stock, and easy access to the global pool of parts, we offer efficient support options through sales, loans, exchanges, and other customized solutions to maximize your productivity.