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Lufthansa Technik Malta becomes the center of excellence for widebody overhaul in Europe

  • Existing capabilities are to be expanded by Boeing 787 base maintenance services.

Lufthansa Technik Malta (LTM) becomes the European center of excellence for the overhaul of widebody aircraft. The company, which recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, will expand its portfolio to also provide base maintenance services for Boeing 787 aircraft.  LTM is currently investing several million Euros in training its technical experts, tooling and material. The first aircraft is expected to arrive on its premises in Spring 2024.

Maria Cilia, Head of Base Maintenance Services & CEO of Lufthansa Technik Malta said: “It is a pleasure to start my position as the new CEO of Lufthansa Technik Malta with such an important investment in our company. With the expansion of our portfolio, we will not only become the center of excellence for widebody aircraft overhaul in Europe to serve our Boeing 787 operators in the region, but we will also strengthen our presence in the Maltese community and create new opportunities for current and future employees.”

“Building on the significant role that Lufthansa Technik Malta has had within our base maintenance network over the past two decades, our investment in enhancing capabilities with a dedicated overhaul line for Boeing 787 aircraft will further solidify the company’s standing as center of excellence for modern widebody aircraft. This development will allow us greater flexibility in meeting our customers’ needs, leveraging LTM’s remarkable efficiency and reliability,” added Alexander Feuersaenger, Vice President & COO Aircraft Maintenance Services at Lufthansa Technik.

20 years of excellence in Malta

Lufthansa Technik Malta was founded in 2002 as joint venture between Lufthansa Technik and Air Malta. The company is based at Malta International Airport and offers a broad range of line and base maintenance services for short-haul aircraft of the type Airbus A320, A320neo as well as the long-haul aircraft Airbus A330, A340 and A350. LTM employs around 500 aviation experts and serves a wide array of international customers.

LTM’s spectrum of services has grown over the years to encompass extensive base maintenance services. The company was also the first to host the Lufthansa Technik Innovation Bay, which tested new technologies ranging from drone-based inspections of the aircraft fuselage to mobile 3D scanners to exoskeletons.

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