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Lufthansa Technik AERO Alzey expands Production Capacities 

In Rheinhessen the course is set for growth: Lufthansa Technik AERO Alzey (LTAA), the wholly owned subsidiary of Lufthansa Technik AG, has taken a substantial step towards expansion by inaugurating a new 1,500-square-meter hangar on September 15th. 

The new building, spanning three levels, is aimed at enhancing the company's production capabilities and accommodating the increasing demand for engine overhaul. The new facility, situated within LTAA's existing premises, will serve as a temporary storage space for engine parts and large tools. Its primary objective is to enable LTAA to process a greater number of engines simultaneously, aligning with the company's strategic goals for future growth.

Matthias Gruber, CEO of LTAA, commented on this milestone, stating: “The addition of this new space marks an important milestone in our path towards future growth. Despite the challenges faced over the past three years, including the recent crisis, we have managed to retain a significant portion of our highly skilled workforce. We are thus well positioned to serve the high demands of the market and to continue on a course of growth.” Tobias Baumgart, COO of LTAA, adds: “This expansion creates space and allows us to use the existing production areas even more efficiently.”

LTAA currently employs 600 skilled workers, 100 fewer than before the crisis. Gruber: "We are aiming for a gradual return to pre-crisis staffing levels; however, further staff expansion depends on future strategic decisions."

In addition to expanding its physical infrastructure, LTAA is also venturing into advanced technologies. The company will invest in a waterjet system to bring certain outsourced services in-house, offering an environmentally friendly method for removing coatings from engine parts on-site. This technology is more resource-efficient compared to traditional chemical stripping and mechanical methods. Gruber notes: “We maintain close collaborations with industry leaders such as GE and Pratt & Whitney to to be a pioneer in the further development of engine technology.”

In line with sustainability efforts, LTAA furthermore has installed a photovoltaic system across the entire roof area, aiming to optimize energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.

LTAA's expansion plans extend beyond the new building, with intentions to establish a logistics center in the new industrial park and pursue further construction projects in the coming years to create further space for growth and innovation.

Lufthansa Technik Aero Alzey opens new building

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