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Competent training center for aviation

Lufthansa Technical Training GmbH (LTT) is our provider of training and qualification programs for the aviation industry. Everything that technical staff of maintenance and repair companies and related industries needs to know is covered by their courses.

The special competence of the company is its ability to put together from its extensive portfolio of training offerings customized training packages that reflect the latest methods and principles of teaching for every customer.

LTT's global activities range from initial training for the annual intake of apprentices at Lufthansa Technik to a variety of training, education and qualification measures. More than 600 companies worldwide in aviation manufacturing, in maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) and in other aviation-related fields trust in their competencies.

Lufthansa Technical Training works with three different forms of training: classic classroom training, practical training and e-learning methods. These are combined with each other in the optimal fashion within particular courses in accordance with the principle of "blended training". Thus, for example, with this coordinated mix of training methods, 50 percent of the tuition could consist of web-based training and 50 percent of classic classroom teaching.

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Lufthansa Technical Training GmbH | Frankfurt, Germany


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