Unique feathers - tailored solutions for your aircraft

We offer you a full range of products and services, that simplify every aircraft operators life. Take a look at our services such as aircraft foiling, exterior technical markings, interior placards and livery and lettering stencils.

We offer you a complete range of services for aviation-certified foiling of almost every type of passenger or freighter aircraft. Benefit from:

  • 40 years of experience
  • Short delivery times
  • State of the art production
  • All products available with EASA Form 1
  • End-to-end service from design to application
  • Global 24/7 support & customer service
 >40 yearsof graphic solutions for the aviation industry

Cabin placards are available as individual spares or as complete kits.

Graphics" combines flexibility and innovation, enabling swift cabin makeovers that align with ever-evolving passenger preferences.

Our stencils ensure a quick application during the paint job and replace the exterior placards.

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Aircraft foils

Our aircraft foils have a special perforation to ensure that they are thin/lightweight and can be applied easily. The foils allow a quick change of the aircrafts appearance. All colors and shapes are possible.

Interior placards and décor foils

The interior placards can be adapted to any interior design. With our special printing technologies we can create elegant finishes in colors like silver, gold or champagne.

It is possible to print on all kind of surfaces. For example polycarbonate to generate a nice appearance inside the cabin.

The combination with LED-light is also possible. As an example for non-smoking signs a special “disappearing print” can be used so the sign is only visible when the LED-backlight is switched on.


Graphic solutions - Exterior products

Exterior placards and stencils

The exterior placards are remarkable for their high resistance (i.e. against UV-light) and adhesive strength. The thin placards can be directly applied to the exterior surface with or without edge sealing.  It is also possible to paint over. 

OEM part numbers can by replaced with Lufthansa Technik part numbers via our Cross-Reference-List. The parts are delivered with EASA Form-1.

Our stencils ensure a quick application during the paint job and replace the exterior placards. Advantage compared to the placards are less turbulences and a lighter weight of the application

Special printing technologies

In the last 40 years the Lufthansa Technik graphic solutions team came up with many special printing and application processes.

The oil indicator is a good example. The print is resistant against oils, cleaning agents and other chemicals.  The part is produced all in one production facility including the milling process.

Our graphic solutions design team supports the product development and provides samples for specific applications.

3D Logo

We bring wishes into shape. The perfect match for interior decor is our 3D technology for logos, letters or other graphic elements.

The product is not only available in colour but can  even give a look of wood, marble or any kind of pattern.

We can turn any idea into a high quality product, that is also easy to apply and comes with EASA Form-1.


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