Keep up with all the latest developments - with RSS

The RSS feeds from Lufthansa Technik help you to keep up to date with all major events and news. You can subscribe to the feeds at the click of a mouse, just like with a newsletter - free of charge, of course.

An RSS feed is basically a type of newsticker. As soon as a news item becomes available, you'll be informed - even when your browser isn't open. In this way, you keep up with the latest goings-on as soon as they happen. 

RSS feed via your browser: it's so easy

If you already use RSS feeds and have installed a special RSS reader, check whether the orange RSS logo or the "RSS" lettering is in the address line of your browser. Then click on the RSS symbol. Your browser will then add the Lufthansa Technik feed automatically to your RSS subscriptions. 

Subscribing to the RSS feed via other programmes

The Lufthansa Technik feed can also be used via auxiliary programs, which are available free of charge as browser extensions and internet services. A large number of tools of this kind can be found online. This type of auxiliary program is useful when you have subscribed to news feeds from other sites. 

Which RSS reader is the right one?

Many browsers and e-mail programs can display RSS feeds. All you need to do is subscribe to the feeds - and that's it, nothing else.

If you would like to read our RSS feed browser-free, you require a separate RSS reader. This will enable you to keep up to date even without a browser. 

RSS reader in internet browsers and mail programmes

RSS readers now come as standard with all commonly-used browsers: Internet Explorer (for Windows PCs: IE version 7 or higher), Safari (for MAC OS), Opera and Mozilla Firefox (for all systems). In most browsers, RSS feeds can simply be added to "Favourites" – the latest messages from the feed then appear in the "Favourites" menu, in the same way as a bookmark.

If you want to read RSS feeds with your mail program, you can easily find out how it works by using the program's Help function. Microsoft Outlook (version 2007 or higher), Mozilla Thunderbird and Opera are set up for RSS feeds. 

Where do I find the Lufthansa Technik RSS feeds?

The RSS feeds of Lufthansa Technik can be found on the web pages listed below.