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Virtual borescope inspection

Due to the current situation with its travel restrictions, many of you do not have the opportunity to inspect your engines on-site in our workshops.

In order to discuss the findings and solutions with you more easily, we have developed a few forms of virtual inspection.

Immediate decision-making is possible

An interplay of technologies makes virtual borescope inspections possible at present. In an engine borescopy the inspector uses a boroscope (similar to an endoscope in medicine) to examine the assembled engine from the inside to check the condition of the rotor blades. This documentation is the basis for the following decisions in the engine overhaul, for example, how far the engine has to be disassembled. You can now follow the boroscope inspection live from home instead of having to be on site. You are able to ask direct questions and discuss clarifications. Furthermore, this service will also offer interactive digital documentation in the future.

The virtual borescope inspection offers the opportunity to save costs and time and to increase transparency over the status of an engine when it is maintained or repaired in one of our worldwide MRO shops.

5G Technology at Lufthansa Technik

New 5G technology

We are one of the first companies in Germany to use our own private wireless networks based on the latest standard 5G. The first 5G private wireless networks have been put into operation for innovation projects such as engine overhaul at our Hamburg base. Via a live stream you now can communicate in real time with our engine mechanics performing the inspection, observe the parts in high-resolution on the screen and make the appropriate order decisions. This new technology allows you to see even scratches on an engine. 

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Marc Wilken, Director Product Sales and Engine Lease

Marc Wilken

Senior Director Product Sales and Engine Lease

Lufthansa Technik AG

Hamburg, Germany