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SixStars - The best things are simple

VIP & Special Mission Aircraft Services

When we created our SixStars portfolio of services for VIP and executive jets, our thoughts revolved around one question: What is the best possible way to supportour customers in getting the most out of their aircraft? You expect that your aircraft is ready to take you when you want to go where you want to go. Reliability and safety of your jet are a matter of course as are the comfort and immaculate appearance of its cabin. Achieving this economically and within budgets is an important aspect as well. SixStars is our answer to these requirements. It is a 360 degree solution. Above all, this means two things: It covers virtually all aspects of acquiring, owning and operating a VIP jet. And it uncompromisingly centers around the customer and his needs. SixStars leaves nothing to be desired. As a modular concept it is perfectly tailored to the individual aircraft and operations.