Creative Design

Creative Design

Capturing the vision of our customers is the starting point for creating an aircraft's unique interior. For us, design is much more than just creating a stunning environment. Internationally trained and familiar with high-end interiors Lufthansa Technik develops stunning solutions that consistently exceed the expectations of the customers. And no matter how exceptional the design, Lufthansa Technik is the partner of choice to turn dreams into reality. 

Design competence far beyond the commonplace

Our design competence extends far beyond the commonplace; we are able to create interiors for all international styles, employing the finest luxury components and materials. From clean governmental style to rich baroque or cool Asian: Lufthansa Technik's team of engineers and designers is ready to show the endless possibilities for cabin design. Our interior specialists turn a creative process into the first-class flying asset our customers are dreaming of. All designs are developed with constant reference to engineering possibilities and airworthiness requirements, ensuring certification and durability and allowing for maintainability and future upgrades. 

Design by Lufthansa Technik

  • Innovative design concepts
  • Complete 2D and 3D CAD
  • Visualization and animation
  • Furniture, fabric, carpeting, china, livery design